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Moose Logic `Rides the Virtualization Wave’ by Combining DataCore Software and Citrix XenServer Solutions to Win New Customers

New agreement with DataCore Software brings best-in-class storage virtualization software SAN solutions to one of the country’s most successful Citrix resellers

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida and SEATTLE, Washington – March 12, 2008 – DataCore Software, the leading provider of storage virtualization SAN software, today announced the selection of Moose Logic, a managed services provider and one of the nation’s leading Citrix value-added resellers, to deliver DataCore storage virtualization solutions to their market in the northwestern United States. Moose Logic will offer the full line of DataCore’s SAN storage virtualization, disaster recovery, and continuous data protection solutions, including the newly announced, SANmelody™-based VM Starter SAN and Feature-Packed Storage Virtualization Solutions. The addition of DataCore will meet growing client demand for more virtualization solutions as well as complement and enhance Moose Logic’s current infrastructure virtualization and productivity offerings, such as Citrix XenServer. As one of DataCore’s newest partners, Moose Logic has already won four new Citrix and DataCore virtualization customers, including Sherron Associates, Inc., Douglas County, Digital Control and Integra Pacific Mortgage. Further announcements on these DataCore and Citrix XenServer customer deployments will be forthcoming.

“Without the Citrix XenServer and DataCore combination, we would not have been able to afford to consolidate our servers and install a SAN to protect our storage,” said Gayle Spencer, network administrator, Sherron Associates. “From a financial perspective, any other solution would have been much more expensive and would not have extended the cost savings benefits of virtualization to both servers and storage. Had we chose to replace our existing hardware, even the ‘best’ scenario would have entailed replacing at least a few of our existing, older servers at a cost of $8,000 – $10,000, a piece.” Sherron Associates, Inc. is a property management firm located in Bellevue, Washington.

DataCore and Citrix XenServer = New Sales for Moose Logic

“DataCore and Citrix XenServer are a logical combination for anyone going virtual and best of all customers get it immediately once they see it in action,” said Scott Gorcester, founder, Moose Logic. “Four new customer wins in our first month of the partnership makes the point obvious. The DataCore partnership will help us extend the scope of what we offer in terms of virtual infrastructure to our Citrix XenServer clients as well as to our entire base of clients and prospects. Strategically, I see DataCore accelerating our server virtualization sales cycles as well as becoming the storage virtualization vendor on which we can build our Citrix XenServer practice into a ‘Total Enterprise Virtualization’ practice.”

Making the Virtual Enterprise a Reality – Sherron Associates

Sherron Associates is one of Moose Logic’s newest XenServer and SANmelody customers. At the start of 2008, this firm was at a point where all of its equipment (with the exception of two servers) was more than five years old and was becoming increasingly problematic. According to Network Administrator Gayle Spencer, “going virtual” with Citrix XenServer and DataCore SANmelody was the most practical thing for the firm to do because with that combination the firm could cost-effectively virtualize and consolidate their storage resources and their entire server farm, consisting of seven servers, on two servers – using XenServer and SANmelody.

Sherron Associates had one XenServer installed by Moose Logic in January and a second XenServer installed a week and a half after the first along with a DataCore powered SAN. Subsequently, the firm has added an additional XenServer to the mix. Moreover, Sherron Associates was able to re-purpose and upgrade old hardware to run the SAN on – replacing the disk drives with larger ones and as well as adding quad processors. According to Spencer, “SANmelody just works. The beauty is that I do not even have to think about it. It makes managing our infrastructure far more simple and flexible. Above all, DataCore’s SANmelody made it easy to set up a high-availability SAN to support our move from an aging server farm to new XenServer based systems.”

DataCore: Delivering New Dimensions in Storage Virtualization

DataCore storage virtualization extends virtual infrastructure all the way through to storage, providing dramatically improved storage utilization, flexibility and cost savings, together with enterprise-class, SMB-priced, storage control and data protection. At the same time, DataCore technology helps users get the most out of their investments in Citrix XenServer and other storage dependent virtualization solutions by eliminating the physical storage road block. This is because all DataCore products are portable, software-based solutions that run on standard Intel/AMD hardware servers, blades or on Virtual Machines (VMware, Citrix XenServer, Oracle VM, Sun VM, Virtual Iron, and Microsoft Virtual Servers). DataCore storage virtualization solutions install in minutes on any standard Windows server. They can serve storage to Windows, MacOS, Linux, UNIX, Solaris, AIX, and Netware servers, whether physical or virtual.

“DataCore provides resellers and system integrators with cost-effective and affordable SAN and iSCSI solutions that do for storage what Citrix XenServers do for servers,” said Carlos M. Carreras, vice president of sales and business development, DataCore Software. “Moose Logic and its large and loyal base of clients understand that the movement to virtualization goes beyond server virtualization. Partnering with an organization that has already made a strategic commitment to virtualization through its longstanding relationship to Citrix is very advantageous.”

A Successful Citrix Reseller Now Delivers Best-in-Class Storage Virtualization

Moose Logic will promote and sell DataCore’s SANsymphony™, the full line of DataCore’s SANmelody-based storage virtualization products as well as the company’s continuous data protection (CDP) solution, Traveller™, which allows users to go “back in time” to restore systems and data to previous states. All of these solutions include thin provisioning “virtual capacity,” a DataCore-pioneered innovation that automates “just in time” capacity allocation to optimize storage utilization.

Moose Logic has been involved with Citrix since the mid-nineties and in the past has been recognized as one of the top revenue producers for Citrix in the US. “As a Citrix partner, we are seeing first-hand a wave of virtualization as brought on by the appeal of XenServer for server virtualization,” said Steve Parlee, senior vice president and director of services, Moose Logic. “With XenServer so hot right now, it was clear to us that DataCore is the perfect match as it enables the benefits of virtualization to apply to the storage side.”

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