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New ANZ Customers, Sydney Airports Corporation and Cheap as Chips, Overcome Real-life Storage Management Issues with DataCore

New Customer Acquisition and Burgeoning Market Demand in ANZ Has Led DataCore to Further Invest in the Region

MELBOURNE – March 9, 2015 – DataCore Software, a leader in software-defined storage, today highlighted companies across ANZ that are embracing its software-defined storage platform in new deployments. With software-defined storage making it easier for organizations of all types to manage their storage resources, DataCore continues to expand its ANZ market presence at a significant pace as it gains additional traction in even more industries.

A software-defined storage strategy has enabled Sydney Airports Corporation to overcome real-life storage management issues. Prior to DataCore, data storage at Sydney Airports was characterized by disparate systems – driven by multiple leaders and cost strategies. The environment was awash in vendor-specific solutions, which were only upgradeable through system vendors. The impact of all of this was that Sydney Airports had no hardware independence and was literally “boxed in” to high-cost, traditional storage systems.

By embracing DataCore’s SANsymphony-V software-defined storage Sydney Airports Corporation has been able to reduce storage related costs as well as–

  • Greatly reducing capital and operating expenses associated with storage.
  •  Extending the life of storage investments and skip expensive refresh cycles.
  • Avoiding costly hardware lock-in and opening doors to more attractive alternatives from competing suppliers.

Necessary High Availability for Mission-Critical Databases and Applications Is Assured

“DataCore’s software-defined storage solution is transforming IT infrastructures and the management of storage environments across the ANZ region and throughout the world,” stated Carlos M. Carreras, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Field Operations at DataCore Software. “We see a significant customer shift towards hardware-agnostic and application-centric architectures using common data services across their entire storage investment.  Best of all, DataCore customers report cutting storage costs on average by half.”

According to Carreras, DataCore is becoming more and more sought after as companies are seeking to utilize their storage resources fully and to gain much needed redundancy for their data – and thereby ensure uptime and non-stop business operations.

DataCore’s SANsymphony-V ensures high availability, eliminating single points of failure and disruption through application-transparent physical separation, stretched across rooms or off-site with full auto-recovery capabilities for the highest levels of business continuity.

Delivering Highly Dynamic Virtual Environments

SANsymphony-V effectively virtualizes whatever storage is on a user’s floor, whether direct-attached or SAN-connected, to achieve the robust and responsive shared storage environment necessary to support highly dynamic virtual IT environments.  At Cheap as Chips, ICT Manager Eamonn Merrifield eliminated the need to buy storage from any one specific vendor by leveraging DataCore.  “This is real empowerment – and enables us to choose best technology for us – in terms of function and cost,” he stated.

“The economic benefits resulting from DataCore’s software-defined storage platform are very compelling,” explained Carreras. “Because of this, the market demand we are seeing in ANZ has led DataCore to further invest in our commitment to the region. Not only have we extended our distribution network and opened a new office in Sydney, we have also added Ms. Orla Hanby as our ANZ Marketing Manager to lead the region’s marketing and demand generation programs. DataCore plans to continue to invest in key resources to help customers realize the benefits of software-defined storage.”

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