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New Line of Database Optimization Products from DataCore Software Targets High-velocity Transaction Processing and Real-time Analytics

First in Series, MaxParallel™ for Microsoft® SQL Server,
Shortens the Time to Process Transactions, Generate Reports and Analyze Trends 

ORLANDO, Fla., September 26, 2017 – Today at Microsoft Ignite, DataCore Software launches the first of its new line of database optimization products for high-velocity transaction processing and real-time analytics. MaxParallel for SQL Server is available now in the Azure Marketplace as well as through DataCore-authorized partners around the globe. The plug-and-play product supports SQL Server 2016, 2014, 2012 and 2008 running on-premises and in the cloud.

Applications such as e-Commerce, ERP, high-frequency trading, inventory optimization and fault / threat detection, as well as newer workloads for digital initiatives such as IoT, stand to benefit the most from DataCore’s new offering. These database-intensive applications often exhibit sluggish behavior when bombarded by numerous simultaneous requests from live consumers and real-time software processes. MaxParallel for SQL Server removes key resource contention in multi-core servers, enabling Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) to be far more productive and responsive under such peak loads. No additional hardware or re-programming is necessary to realize the enhanced customer experience.

“MaxParallel is a game changer,” said George Teixeira, CEO and president of DataCore Software. “Time is money, and doing more work in parallel not only reduces costs — it delivers a compelling value proposition by significantly shortening the time to process transactions, generate reports and analyze trends, so businesses can be more responsive and outpace their competition.”

Early results
Early MaxParallel users driving high-transaction workloads have reported 1.2x to 3x quicker response times, 20% to 60% more transactions completed, and 1.5x to 2x faster times to generate reports.

Tyreworld, a leading online distributor of tires, has been running the software in production since June 2017. “Real-time stock level updates, inventory transfers and price sheet updates take a fraction of the time with DataCore MaxParallel for SQL Server, enabling us to offer the most competitive products to our customers,” said Manuel Hanke, IT manager, Tyreworld GMBH. “The plug-and-play software makes our database run insanely fast. It has the potential to change our business overnight.”

A number of Microsoft SQL Server Partners have also had a chance to preview the software prior to launch. Joachim Dreher, CTO of Desk Software and Consulting GmbH, a Platinum Sage Partner, added, “We tested MaxParallel on SQL Server 2016, not expecting much, since it is already one of the best optimized database solutions in the world. We were really surprised that DataCore improved productivity by over 30%.”

The product demonstration at Microsoft Ignite will take place in booth 2213. DataCore will also be demonstrating and discussing MaxParallel for SQL Server at Tech Field Day 15 on Sept. 29 in Silicon Valley.

Derivative of R&D from DataCore’s Advanced Storage Services
The technology at the heart of MaxParallel grew from the company’s earlier research work in the storage optimization area. Roni Putra, DataCore CTO, explained, “MaxParallel software was born out of the R&D work we’ve been doing with applications overwhelmed by very high data rates. We initially came at it from the storage end of the problem, and uncovered some key chokepoints inside the host — well before storage factors into the picture. It became quickly apparent that our Parallel I/O technology could solve the resource contention problems responsible for serial database access, even when the database does a good job of parallelizing the requests.”

MaxParallel does not rely on any of DataCore’s advanced storage products. It is a separate, freestanding product. Nevertheless, the company’s SANsymphony™ and Hyper-Converged Virtual SAN software provide excellent shared storage services that can further enhance database application performance, as well as the performance of other mixed workloads.

Interested parties have access to 30-day trials as well as interactive test drives.

About DataCore
DataCore Software helps today’s organizations embrace new IT advancements without sacrificing previous investments or discarding existing infrastructure. The company pioneered software-based storage virtualization nearly two decades ago, and continues to bring flexibility and agility to managing heterogeneous storage, while adding record-setting performance. The company’s flagship product, SANsymphony™, pools and unifies diverse storage under a single management and services plane. DataCore Hyperconverged Virtual SAN provides similar services using the internal or DAS storage in a cluster. DataCore Parallel I/O technology leverages the power of multicore servers to overcome the IT industry’s biggest unsolved problem: the I/O bottleneck. Its MaxParallel™ family of products applies this Parallel I/O innovation to solving application-specific problems, beginning with MaxParallel for SQL Server. The company has been privately held since its founding in 1998, and its products have been deployed at more than 10,000 customer sites worldwide. DataCore solutions are also available within turnkey appliances from hardware manufacturers including Lenovo. Visit or call (877) 780-5111 for more information.

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