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New standard for storage infrastructure virtualization

FORT LAUDERDALE ? February 12, 2007 ? DataCore Software today launched its next-generation, flagship storage virtualization solution, SANsymphony? Enterprise Edition 6.0, which empowers enterprises with a new level of automation and self-optimizing IT management. This milestone sets a foundation for the future and advances the art of SAN data protection, automation, interoperability and usability. It also builds on the many lessons learned from DataCore Software?s thousands of deployments and users. Data center and IT managers have always wanted to manage their storage infrastructures at a high level, instead of administering physical devices at the component or detail level. With SANsymphony 6.0, enterprises finally gain control of their resources at the right level and can truly master their SANs, safeguard their data and assure Quality of Service (QOS) through an agile, efficient and dynamic storage infrastructure that is radically simple to operate.

Redefining Storage Management & Laying a Foundation for the Future

“Storage virtualization is a game for experienced players. During the six plus
years that DataCore has been in business they did the basics and learned a lot from their customers. They are applying this knowledge now in building a platform for the future that addresses a range of services that newcomers have yet to fathom. After the announcement of Enterprise Edition 6.0, if someone thinks DataCore is a niche player, think again! The timing couldn’t be better as we see 2007 as the “year storage virtualization goes mainstream.”? Arun Taneja, Founder, President and Consulting Analyst of the Taneja Group.

“Just buying more hardware would not have solved our problems. We needed a smarter approach that would allow us to control and automate storage across our entire environment, and decided to ?go virtual? with DataCore,” states Michael Gayle, Director of IT, Calvary Chapel. “Once you do so and look back, the old storage box approach seems so primitive. SANsymphony 6.0 made the jump easy. We run DataCore in tandem with VMware and together they allocate resources as needed, where needed, over our IP and Fibre Channel networks. Instead of wrestling with hardware, SANsymphony has made storage a network utility ? a service for our users and applications.”

SANsymphony Enterprise Edition 6.0 features:

  • New SAN Domains: Intelligent Virtual SANs within the physical SAN which dramatically improve Resource, Performance, and Quality of Service (QOS) Level Management.
  • Far-reaching ?Span the SAN? Usability and Productivity Services, which allow many operations and policies to be applied against entire groups of resources.
  • Next-Generation N+1 GRID Scalability, Business Continuity and Data Protection services that surpass conventional clustered or dual controller systems in failover protection and time to recovery, as well as ease of configuration, change and growth.
  • Comprehensive, End-to-End, Multi Path SAN Failover: Across FC, iSCSI or both, resulting in true “wire agnosticism” without sacrificing enterprise service levels.
  • Advanced Automation, Thin Provisioning and Smart Auto-Recovery Services that prioritize data volume recovery to speed up critical business applications.
  • Powerful Non-Disruptive Data Migration and Re-Purposing Capabilities.
  • New classes of virtualization services, beginning with Traveller? time addressable CDP volumes.

“SANsymphony Enterprise Edition 6.0 is the first half of our Virtualization II strategy, and as such it lays the architectural foundation for the future,” said Ziya Aral, Chairman and CTO, DataCore Software. “Many of the changes involved in the Virtualization II platform are internal and will remain largely invisible to the user. What is readily visible, however, is a new level of transparency and integration, grouped operations, and automated management. Several new and important concepts also appear for the first time. In the second half of Virtualization II, these capabilities will continue to be advanced and SANsymphony will be updated with an entirely new 64-bit storage micro-kernel.”

A New User-Driven Era in Storage and SAN Infrastructure Management

With SANsymphony 6.0, DataCore Software ushers in a new era for IT:

  • Industry-standard storage and infrastructures can be managed as sets of services and shared resources that can be dynamically defined for and allocated to different business units or projects. Quality of Service (QOS) can be regulated and assured to all clients, including virtual machines.
  • IT Managers can regulate and automate adding capacity, data protection levels, and performance non-disruptively based on business demand.
  • Storage hardware failures can be automatically overcome with no or minimal disruption.
  • Business data can be protected with no impact to production SLAs.
  • Applications can be provisioned with storage instantly and recovered at the same or remote locations easily ? regardless of the operating system and hardware.

SANsymphony virtualization transforms what has been a static view of storage, mired in low level disk administration, into a dynamic and flexible service level management system ? simplifying and automating the provisioning of storage resources to meet user and business application demands. With SANsymphony 6.0 and Virtualization II, DataCore Software has again elevated the standard for enterprise storage management.


SANsymphony Enterprise Edition 6.0 is available for shipment today. For more information, please go to

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