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Perifery Transporter Is Now Shipping Worldwide

Edge Media Appliance Enables Fast, Efficient, Secure Storage and Transport of Media Content Between On-Set Locations and In-Facility Storage

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. — June 27, 2023Perifery, a division of DataCore, today announced that its secure, micro-services-based edge appliance Perifery Transporter is now shipping to content creators and owners globally. A breakthrough for the media and entertainment industry, the purpose-built media appliance enhances media workflows by providing nearline storage and intelligently initiates long-term archiving by transferring content from remote and on-set locations to on-premises and cloud facilities.

“The Perifery Transporter answers a critical need for fast, efficient, secure storage and transport of media content between on-set locations and in-facility storage,” said Abhijit Dey, general manager of Perifery. “With our new solution, content creators and owners are empowered to efficiently move media content with state-of-the-art data protection, categorization, and advanced search capabilities.”

The Perifery Transporter allows users including postproduction facilities, independent producers, and studios, to safely store and transfer content, add valuable metadata, and seamlessly integrate assets into larger facility storage. The content is fully encrypted and protected, even during transport, providing end-to-end data security. Automated preprocessing capabilities on the edge appliance save significant time and effort, eliminating the need for expensive, complex servers and other hardware.

The Perifery Transporter also enables AI operations via Perifery AI+, a revolutionary edge solution that offers workflow apps and services commonly only available in the public cloud.

The appliance includes the Perifery Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro to streamline content access for Perifery Transporter users. The Perifery Transporter ships with a premium rugged-wheeled, waterproof, lightweight case.

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Perifery, a division of DataCore, provides world-class, innovative workflow solutions for evolving media organizations. Trusted by leading media and entertainment companies worldwide, Perifery appliances and Swarm software set the bar for fast, secure, and scalable solutions that preserve, protect, and speed up monetization of digital assets. Accelerating the customer journey from core to the edge and cloud, Perifery solutions redefine how storage resources are best utilized, enabling transformational business growth. More information about Perifery is available at

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