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SNW Europe 2011: DataCore Software Highlights Its Storage Hypervisor Auto-Tiering for Cost-Effective Cloud Storage and Unveils a New Scalable High Availability Solution for Windows Server Farms

Stand 1 (Main), SNW Europe, Frankfurt – October 25, 2011 – Platinum Sponsor DataCore Software, the industry’s premier provider of storage virtualisation software, introduces a number of firsts to this year’s “Powering the Cloud” event. DataCore SANsymphony™ -V storage hypervisor now integrates seamlessly with the TwinStrata’s cloud storage gateway CloudArray®. This innovation extends the range of DataCore’s device-independent auto-tiered technology from on-premises disks to cost-effective off-site cloud storage.
For the first time worldwide, DataCore will unveil details of a new software product to enhance the resiliency and performance of Microsoft Windows server farms. It is an ideal solution for IT organizations that seek the high availability, performance and advanced storage services possible with a storage area network (SAN), but prefer to keep their data stored locally on the servers.
DataCore’s SANsymphony-V storage hypervisor manages, optimizes and spans all the different price-points and performance levels of electronic and mechanical storage, including electronic memory, SSDs, disk devices and cloud storage tiers. Its advanced automated tiering automatically relocates disk blocks among pools of different storage devices, keeping demanding workloads operating at peak speeds. Less critical and infrequently accessed disk blocks naturally gravitate towards lower cost disks.
Auto Tiering into the Cloud
With the transparent integration of a CloudArray cloud gateway, DataCore customers can auto-tier seamlessly to a tier of storage that resides on the cloud. This allows less critical, tiered storage, backups and archive data to be cost-effectively placed in cloud storage that can grow almost limitlessly and with pay-as-you-go tiers, while offering additional savings in space, power and cooling. DataCore will provide a free CloudArray Virtual Appliance to its storage hypervisor customers.
Customer and Analyst Insights on DataCore’s Storage Hypervisor and Unified Storage

During the two-day conference, recognized industry experts support DataCore to inform attendees about the concept and real life application of the SANsymphony-V storage hypervisor:

  • “The Call for the Storage Hypervisor” will be presented by independent industry analyst Claus Egge. Mr. Egge will show how the fundamentals of traditional storage need to be questioned and explain how to provide a practical approach to empower storage professionals in the 21st century. One such approach is to consider a storage hypervisor. Just like virtualizing the server layer improved utilization rates, reduced costs and eliminated downtimes, a comparable strategy is required for storage. (Wednesday; 11:20 – 11:55; Room: Harmonie C)
  • “Open Unified SAN & NAS Storage Virtualization – A Real Life Experience!” in this session, Dr. Frank Möhle, IT project manager at Inventx AG, explains how he uses SANsymphony-V to provide high availability and client-based billing policies for Inventx’ SAN and NAS cluster file share architecture in conjunction with high performance Unix servers, VMware hypervisor, Citrix XenApp and Citrix virtual desktops, Oracle databases and core banking solutions. (Wednesday; 13:50 – 14:25, Room: Spektrum 1)
  • “DataCore SANsymphony V 8.1 – The Storage Hypervisor” – Alex Best, Senior System Engineer at DataCore Software, will give an update about the latest development in version 8.1 of DataCore’s award-winning storage hypervisor software. He will explain technologies like Thin Provisioning, Continuous Data Protection and Automated Storage Tiering and how they benefit modern, virtual IT infrastructures. Attendees will also learn what is paramount in order to successfully transition from a physical to a virtual IT environment. (Thursday; 10:45 – 11:20; Show-floor G)

VMware and Microsoft Experts Sign-up for Free Storage Hypervisor NFR Software
Also of note to the show attendees is the introduction and availability of a free NFR (Not for Resale) license key for DataCore SANsymphony-V storage hypervisor to all both VMware and Microsoft Certified Experts and trainers. Download of the licence key will allow accredited virtualization experts non-production use within their home or office so that they can see for themselves how adoption of the storage hypervisor will give them the hands-on ability to manage and leverage the storage assets that sit behind every virtualization project.
Download is simple. Qualified virtualization experts attending the show can click on and enter proof of VMware certification to start using the software.
“SNW Europe, in conjunction with Virtualization World, is a perfect match to introduce the latest developments to our SANsymphony-V storage hypervisor platform, which continually grows and expands in performance, functionality and usability for our customers’ benefit,” noted Christian Hagen, vice president EMEA channel & sales operations at DataCore Software. “In addition, we are using this year’s conference as an opportunity to introduce a new product targeting today’s growing market for virtualization. The Microsoft Windows Server environments at small and medium enterprises represent prime candidates who are looking for the benefits of consolidation and virtualization and are in need of an affordable approach to high availability.”

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About DataCore Software
DataCore Software is the industry’s premier provider of storage virtualization software. Its SANsymphony-V storage hypervisor software solves the big problem stalling virtualization initiatives by eliminating the storage-related barriers that make virtualization too difficult and too expensive. For additional information, visit the DataCore website at or call +44 (0) 118 949 7024.

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