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Storage Newsletter Interviews CEO Dave Zabrowski First, what does the Covid-19 crisis change for DataCore, its employees and business?

Zabrowski: Many aspects of our business and our customers’ business have changed. We do business in all major IT markets globally and every single country’s population and economy has been impacted. The depth of impact and rate of recovery has varied widely geographically (ex: Taiwan, China and Central Europe are getting back on their feet faster than USA) and within verticals (ex: essential healthcare and government increasing while travel, consumer and some manufacturing decreasing). Most importantly, all our employees are safe working from home and our customers’ use has proceeded without interruption.

What hasn’t changed is the increasing recognition of the value of SDS to deliver on the business needs, which is especially valued during these difficult times. It helps companies by allowing them to get maximum value out of their existing investments, improving the efficiency, performance, and availability of the storage IT already has, and doing so across any vendors’ infrastructure. These benefits have always played well in any economy.

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