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A partnership that creates great software-defined storage solutions
Dell Technology Partner

Dell has teamed with DataCore to unify different types of storage systems with centrally-managed data services, helping you derive the most value from your storage investments, present and future.

Using DataCore’s powerful Software-Defined Storage platform, Dell’s storage lineup of PowerVault, SC Series, Compellent and EqualLogic products can be easily integrated with existing storage from a variety of vendors, including EMC, Hitachi, HP, IBM and NetApp.

DataCore Software-Defined Storage on Dell PowerEdge Servers

The Dell and DataCore solution utilizes the latest generation Dell PowerEdge servers and DataCore Software-Defined Storage, transforming isolated storage systems into a centrally-managed storage infrastructure, helping you derive the most value from your storage investments, present and future. Using DataCore’s storage virtualization technology, Dell Storage MD Series, SC Series, and PS Series arrays can be easily integrated with existing storage.

Dell4Enterprise post: Dell PowerEdge Servers Make Great Software-Defined Storage Solutions

Dell PowerEdge Server

Powerful Solutions for Demanding Use Cases

Dramatically improves performance of all applications

High-performance caching algorithms intelligently anticipate reads, evaluate usage patterns and transform random writes into sequential writes. In addition, auto-tiering software dynamically matches workloads to the most appropriate class of storage from the virtual pool.

Instantly reduces storage costs by increasing capacity utilization and reducing management complexity

Eliminates wasted storage capacity by pooling all of your storage, regardless of make/manufacturer. Each storage device is used in a way that best matches its capacity and performance capabilities.

Prevents storage outages from affecting applications

Synchronous mirroring with “zero touch” failover and failback between any types of storage ensures that applications are not disrupted by storage or site outages. Easily migrate data between unlike systems, during production, with zero impact to applications.

Quickly meets the needs of the business

Centralized management using a common set of commands across disparate systems, together with extensive automation and orchestration, simplifies administration and allows IT to respond to business needs easily and without disrupting other applications.

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