Microsoft Partnership

DataCore collaborates extensively with Microsoft to integrate all DataCore products with Microsoft’s virtualization infrastructure products, including Windows Server, Hyper-V, and System Center.
Microsoft Gold Partner

DataCore uses Microsoft Windows as its foundation platform for innovation in storage virtualization, thereby helping customers realize the true value of a fully-virtualized Microsoft-based data center.

DataCore products extend Microsoft’s virtualization infrastructure with key storage features:

Adds market-leading storage virtualization capabilities

DataCore cost efficiencies and performance enhancements to server and desktop virtualization deployments

Enables key security and business continuity

DataCore software includes Windows-based features to support high availability for all storage and disaster recovery capabilities to ensure uninterrupted data access

Integrated, ease of management capabilities

Integration with Microsoft System Center allows monitoring of storage environments through a single pane of glass

Reduces storage hardware costs while improving performance

DataCore’s software-based virtual pooled SAN, reduces dependencies on particular storage devices–and extends utilization of storage devices

Delivering a fully virtualized datacenter, including virtualization of all of your storage assets

Fully realize the promise of a virtualized data center

  • Apply virtualization benefits of reduced cost/greater efficiency/enhanced performance to storage
  • Eliminate storage as a cost or performance roadblock to virtualization
  • Add key risk management features to support faster, more extensive deployments

More functionality, better performance from storage

  • Add high availability, disaster recovery
  • Better performance for virtualized applications, desktops, servers

Accelerate time to value from virtualization investment

  • Implement a high-function SAN without significant incremental investment; no need for hardware “rip and replace”
  • Leverage existing hardware
  • Leverage favorable hardware vendor pricing

Tightly integrated with your Microsoft infrastructure–always!

  • DataCore performs best in a Windows-based environment
  • Leverage your investment in Microsoft infrastructure

Use Cases

DataCore in Microsoft Hyper-V Environments

Some business challenges that we can help with:

  • Finding it unaffordable to put in place the highly-available, shared storage required to support a Microsoft Hyper-V and/or Microsoft VDI virtualization project.
  • Experiencing frequent disruptions attributed to storage. For example, outages are required to expand capacity, take backups, resize volumes, swap out disk drives, upgrade equipment and migrate data to different equipment.
  • Applications and virtual machines run slowly. Problems can be traced to disk I/O bottlenecks and programs running out of disk space because 5 to 15 times more workloads are competing for the same storage resources.
  • High risk of losing critical information due to major and mini disasters that damage or impair storage hardware. Such a loss might jeopardize the organization’s ability to continue IT operations and lead to business collapse.
  • Budget cuts impeding rollout of adequate SAN to support server consolidation.

Success Stories

Total Wine & More

It got to the point where performance became an issue; we were out of disk space and could not add more disk array enclosures. So, the idea of a storage virtualization solution like DataCore that enabled us to enhance our existing SAN solution and accelerate performance was the path we started. The bottom line for us is that DataCore allows us to do a lot of the things we already knew were possible in the virtualization world, but with storage.

Todd Slan, Director of Technology Total Wine & More
McNamee Lochner P.C.

We were looking for something redundant, reliable, flexible and expandable. The DataCore/Hyper-V combination really fit our needs. I certainly like the virtual environment. I also really like having redundant storage. And having seamless failover was key for us as well.

Jack Weisberg, IT Director McNamee Lochner P.C.
Northwest Wholesale Florists

What we have found with the DataCore and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 + Hyper-V combination is a virtual infrastructure that is redundant, reliable, flexible and expandable. The redundant storage with DataCore complements the redundancy built into the VM system. We are very pleased with the way the system has performed.

Mary Toupin, Office Manager Northwest Wholesale Florists