Data Protection Solutions  from DataCore and Veeam

DataCore's technology alliance with Veeam helps organizations and service providers build a scalable backup storage infrastructure powered by software-defined automation and data services.
Data Protection Solutions from DataCore and Veeam
Ensure Continuity and Data Protection

Store growing datasets on affordable object storage capacity tier

Adapt to Changing Business Needs

Safeguard backup data against security threats and data loss

Optimize IT Investments

Achieve faster VM backups through storage snapshots

Optimize IT Investments

Lower RTO by enabling seamless recovery of data from backup storage

Your Data is Your Asset: Protect It

Data is the most important asset in your organization. Protecting your data and making sure it’s always available and accessible is a top priority for both the technical IT teams and the business leaders. DataCore and Veeam have teamed up to build a solid technology alliance that delivers powerful data backup, storage, protection, and recovery solutions. The joint solution offerings help organizations and service providers to address their challenges of managing explosive data growth and protecting against evolving threats vectors, such as ransomware.

DataCore offers two certified Veeam Ready solutions addressing critical data storage challenges for organizations using Veeam.

With backup data growing at rapid speed, IT teams are looking for cost-effective and scalable storage solutions. A critical challenge faced with cloud storage is its unpredictability and compounding costs that quickly overrun the IT budget.

The problem with using tape storage is that IT personnel will have to manually move tapes to different sites for safekeeping, which is both tedious and time-consuming. Also, the media needs to be continually checked to avoid potential issues and security risks.

DataCore Swarm is the right solution for your Veeam backup capacity tier that overcomes these challenges. Swarm is a massively scalable on-premises object storage solution that protects your backup data from Veeam Backup & Replication and Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365. Since backups are stored within your data center in the Swarm cluster, you can apply custom security policies, replication policies, and retention settings. Easily scale with Swarm from as small as a few hundred TBs to multiple PBs in no time.

With Swarm, you can store more backups, spend less time managing storage, continue to reduce storage TCO, all while ensuring your backups are continually safeguarded and instantly available a month, a year, or a decade from now.

This on-premises alternative removes concerns over unexpected cloud charges and potential GDPR violations by keeping the data within your data center. Swarm’s logical and extensible multi-tenancy enables you to quickly provide a backup target with custom capacity, access, and data protection policies for any number of backups, employees, or subscribers.

Being Veeam Ready qualified as an Object Storage Repository and as an Object Storage Repository with Immutability, Swarm works seamlessly with Veeam backup technologies serving as a scalable and resilient capacity tier for your backup infrastructure.

Veeam Backup & Replication V12 Storage Target | DataCore Swarm On-premises Object Storage

Swarm object storage used as on-premises capacity tier for Veeam Scale-out Backup Repository

Why Choose Swarm as the Capacity Tier for Your Veeam Scale-Out Backup Repository

  • Store more backups with a market-leading 95% capacity utilization for user data
  • Increase confidence in backup integrity and restores with automated self-healing and data protection
  • Modernize hardware non-disruptively when the time is right, with your choice of equipment
  • Reduce your storage costs by using a cost-effective capacity tier on-premises
Protect against cyber-attacks

Protect against cyber-attacks, hardware failures, and data loss

Icon Improve Efficiency

Improve efficiency as backup capacity increases

Icon Ensure Backups

Ensure backups are always available and accessible

Icon Achieve Backup And Archive

Achieve backup and active archiving in the same solution

Veeam’s integration program for storage systems through its Universal Storage API further expands the benefits of Veeam’s backup and replication capabilities. This allows to perform backup and restore operations by directly communicating with the data storage through the API. Organizations benefit from reduced backup impact on their product environment and gain the flexibility to run backups with greater frequency towards improving RPO.

DataCore SANsymphony software-defined storage offers a purpose-built integration (plug-in) with Veeam’s Universal Storage API, enabling fast, seamless, and non-disruptive snapshot and backup operations across heterogeneous workloads and multi-vendor storage systems.

SANsymphony empowers Veeam users with the flexibility to use any storage (any vendor, any model, any configuration) for easily storing backups even if they are not natively qualified to Veeam’s integration framework. This gives free choice of hardware selection for IT teams according to their custom needs.

  • SANsymphony takes storage snapshots and stores them on the device of your choice. This process is almost instantaneous.
  • Veeam generates backups from these snapshots without impacting the VMs and applications.
  • Incremental backups taken from storage snapshots are very fast as Veeam maintains the VMware Changed Block Tracking (CBT) data for each increment.
  • Veeam can restore full VMs, guest files, and application objects directly from the storage snapshot, e.g., for test purposes. That is dramatically lowering the time for data recovery.

Download the DataCore SANsymphony Universal Storage API Plug-in from Veeam Customer Portal.

SANsymphony Integration with Veeam for Faster VM Backup

Separate SANsymphony nodes, ideally in a different location, can also perform the role of a Veeam Ready Repository where backup copies can be safely and economically stored.

From there, users may offload older backup files onto lower-cost, elastic object storage (such as Swarm or other cloud tiers) as part of the Scale-out Backup Repository in the Veeam Availability Suite.

Veeam customers can easily take low-impact snapshots and swift backups using the same integrated data protection services without regard to the make or model of the underlying storage hardware.

The combined solution of Veeam and DataCore is especially valuable for organizations interested in a mix of high-performance, premium-priced hardware and low-cost, high-capacity devices to meet their primary and secondary storage needs.

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