MaxParallel™ for Windows Server®

Workload optimization software for more responsive applications

Improves responsiveness of applications and processes bogged down by I/O bottlenecks in the operating system

  Simple plug-and-play software

  No changes to data, applications, or hardware

  Experience benefits in minutes


Higher productivity from your Windows Servers

Reduces infrastructure costs through more productive use of server cores and memory

Ideal solution for critical I/O-intensive workloads

Speed up concurrent data access by removing serial chokepoints that cause delays

How It Works

MaxParallel™ for Windows Server® makes workloads more responsive and productive by removing a number of software chokepoints responsible for sluggish behavior and underutilized resources. It’s especially effective during peak periods when many users or tasks compete for data access. Under these conditions, systems tend to bog down as simultaneous requests are serialized waiting on previous requests to complete.


Delays & waste caused by normal serial scheduling


It’s quicker in parallel with DataCore

DataCore’s plug-and-play software schedules independent access to data in parallel, eliminating much of the queueing delays at the root of the problem. The process puts idle cores to work on these high-priority I/O-intensive demands to take full advantage of available resources.

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, 2012, 2012 R2 or 2016 Operating Systems in Standard or DataCenter editions
  • 4 or more vCPUs (virtual CPUs or physical cores)

Improvements visible at a glance

The built-in dashboard contrasts key performance indicators before and after MaxParallel services have been turned on. The white lines record the initial conditions. The amber lines and green percentage numbers reveal the improvements.

The two speedometers on the right display the number of read and write requests per second. The speedometers on the left track total I/O operations per second (IOPs) and total throughput in Megabytes/second. The two bar graphs in the center display average read and write latency. These are important measures of system responsiveness and productivity.

Watch a Demo Video [3:10]

Try MaxParallel software on your most challenging Windows Server applications.

It could be the simple remedy to sluggish or erratic response in your critical data-intensive applications.

Best Fit

Off the shelf and custom applications benefit from the added parallelism without changing a line of code. These include DevOps environments running in Containers and VMs, VDI, file servers, databases, as well as collaboration / mail servers, to name a few.

No Hardware Changes

There are no special hardware changes necessary to take advantage of MaxParallel optimization software.


Machine learning techniques automatically tune the level of parallelism, caching and I/O optimization, dynamically enlisting idle cores as the demand for data rises, and then freeing the cores for other activities when the demand declines.

Try It – Takes Only Minutes

It only takes a few minutes during a convenient planned maintenance window to install the trial software and reboot the server. Once in place, the MaxParallel services can be turned on or off during normal operations to see how it benefits the customer experience.

Shaving minutes off existing processes actually culminates in productivity gains that enable growth and better client experiences.

Rob Hilton, Head of IT Lee & Thompson

Fully-Functional Software Trial

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