Try MaxParallel™ for SQL Server

Experience the difference that MaxParallel for SQL Server can make in the productivity of your own environment, or take it for a test drive on Azure.

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Install MaxParallel in your own SQL Server environment and observe the benefits it brings during peak load.

Note: Test/development systems typically don’t reproduce the heavy concurrent loads where MaxParallel can be most beneficial. It’s best to perform the trial in production or under circumstances that most closely resemble the production environment under stress.

User Guide: Instructions and Prerequisites

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1-Hour Test Drive on Azure


Run a pre-configured SQL Server OLTP scenario on the Azure Marketplace to see how MaxParallel improves the number of transactions and new orders per minute.

After the VM instance is ready for hands-on testing, you’ll use RDP to access the desktop of the Test Drive VM remotely.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Test Drive

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