Business Continuity Planning During Covid-19 Pandemic


DataCore software-defined storage (SDS) can help ensure business continuity even when IT staff is not physically present at the datacenter to address storage failures. Our leading-edge storage virtualization technology provides a rich set of hardware- and vendor-agnostic data services, including synchronous mirroring, continuous data protection, and auto-tiering.

business continuity planning during covid-19

DataCore SDS delivers hands-free business continuity with zero-downtime zero-touch failover for your storage environment while your IT staff remains safely at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Maximizes uptime with zero-touch failover and recovery for enterprise-class high availability​
  • Mirrors data synchronously at high speeds between physically separate locations​
  • No manual intervention or scripting needed for failover, resynchronization and failback​
  • Prevents equipment and site outages, both planned or unplanned, from disrupting business operations​
  • Enables uninterrupted data access from application and/or server clusters even during the loss of an entire site

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