Become a DataCore Certified Master Engineer

Start your journey today towards achieving the ultimate DataCore technical certification
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The DataCore Certified Master Engineer (DCME) is the highest possible DataCore technical certification.

Once complete, you will be qualified as a trusted DataCore technology advisor, benefitting from invitations to participate in technical previews, beta programs, and other special events focused on bringing together the brightest technical minds in the industry.

To become a DCME, you will need to fulfill the following five requirements:

  1. Hold a current DCIE certification
  2. Have personally implemented 10 customer installations (identified by Information Incident Number); at least one of the 10 installs must be:
    • a hyperconverged deployment
    • a traditional SDS deployment
    • a Swarm deployment (as of January 1st 2024)
  3. Attend one DCIE Roundtable per year
  4. Two out of ten installations will be audited by DataCore’s Solution Architects
  5. Provide details of two reference installations:
    • The references can be taken out of the 10 installations listed already

If you meet all the necessary requirements, please complete the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

🎁 Once the application is approved, you will receive a “Thank You” gift from us.

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2Qualification installations
3Reference installations