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Success Story: Improving SQL Server Performance 20X with Hyper-converged

Imagine what  it’s like to be responsible for an application where performance is a matter of life and death. Well, wonder no more – that’s Corey Nelson who runs IT for Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon (ECSO). DataCore’s very own Sushant Rao and Corey speak with us a little bit about why DataCore’s Hyper-converged Virtual SAN (HVSAN) was the only product suited for ECSO’s application used for 911 operators to get police, fire and health responders out to an emergency as fast as possible.

In addition, when a police officer makes a traffic stop and enters in a car’s license plate into their computer, they don’t know who’s in the stopped vehicle until this same application pulls the information from other agencies and provides a consolidated view. The longer the application takes, the longer lives and property are in jeopardy.

Unfortunately, the dispatching application was too slow for ECSO’s standards, making the 911 operators wait while they were on the phone with a caller.  At the heart of the application was a SQL Server database that was slowing down the entire application. When Corey did some root cause analysis, he found that it was his SAN that was the bottleneck, hitting 200 milliseconds of latency multiple times a day.  So, Corey was looking for a solution that would provide the I/O performance his SQL Server needed, to ensure his critical application ran fast and Corey decided to go with a hyper-converged solution from DataCore

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Now typically, hyper-converged is for VDI and lightly loaded remote sites. So, why would an organization that is looking to improve their MS SQL Server performance go with hyper-converged?  Why would they take that risk?

Join us for a webinar with Corey Nelson of ECSO, who found that not only were they able to increase their SQL Server performance by 20x with DataCore’s hyper-converged solution, but he was also able to improve the availability of their application and reduce costs to boot.

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