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DataCore Becomes the Highest Rated Software-Defined Storage/Hyperconverged Infrastructure Vendor in WhatMatrix Independent Evaluation

DataCore recently received the highest rating in the software-defined storage/hyperconverged infrastructure (SDS/HCI) category in an independent evaluation by WhatMatrix. The third-party evaluation featured an in-depth technical evaluation and a comparison of 100+ rated criteria of nearly 20 offerings in the SDS/HCI market from vendors including Cisco, DataCore, Dell/EMC, HPE, Microsoft, Nutanix and VMware.

As the first crowdsourced-powered IT comparison community, WhatMatrix provides curated, free and “always-online” technology comparisons by respected industry experts. This significantly reduces the time and cost traditionally spent on researching the technologies needed to solve today’s business challenges.

DataCore’s SANsymphony™ software-defined storage platform and Hyperconverged Virtual SAN offering provide responsive, reliable and seamless access to data, automatically, anywhere it is needed. The new capabilities in DataCore’s PSP7 release , designed to meet the always-on business needs of its customers, are what elevated it to the number one position in the software-defined storage/hyperconverged infrastructure category. New top-rated features include multi-way and metro mirroring functionality to enhance continuous availability and scale-out resiliency, providing self-healing capabilities to enable non-stop business operations and data access. Customers can lose one system and maintain high-performance and high-availability redundancy, or can lose two systems and still continue operations.

DataCore enables better business outcomes through software-defined flexibility and freedom of choice. In this age of digital transformation, DataCore’s approach to infrastructure modernization breaks down silos and provides customers with a choice of entry points and common management services, while preserving the value of existing investments in storage. DataCore is easily adaptable as the environment grows, works with any storage hardware that is already deployed, and future-proofs investments as new storage technologies are introduced and cloud adoption continues to grow. This technology, proven in thousands of diverse real-world customer sites, makes it easy for companies to address change, manage a range of deployment choices, and add new and future technologies such as flash, NVMe, cloud, and more – without disruption to business applications.

DataCore’s position as the category leader in the SDS/HCI space is a testament to its long-standing innovation in the market.

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WhatMatrix provides a living resource and information is regularly updated, and capability criteria may be revised and updated at any time. The information listed is accurate as of the publication date. 

Update 12/18/2017: DataCore continues to have the highest rating for a software-defined storage offering, however Nutanix submitted new software and has updated results to reclaim its leadership position in HCI.

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