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Hanover Hospital: A Storage Efficiency Case Study

Hanover Hospital is an independent, not-for-profit community hospital located in Hanover, Pennsylvania, which belongs to a larger network called Hanover HealthCare PLUS. Hanover Hospital hosts an impressive assortment of important healthcare data for 6,000 patient visits, 190,000 outpatient visits, 600,000 lab tests, and 90,000 imaging scans.  At the heart of Hanover Hospital’s business model is their patient’s’ care and wellness.  The data stored there containing all those records for each patient must always be available to ensure the preservation of each patient’s health.  And with every additional visit, the required amount of data storage grows.

The IT team at Hanover Needed a solution that Helped them Meet Application Requirements

The IT team at Hanover Hospital already had their hands full with a laundry list of data storage needs and were only scraping by with their SAN setup before we were able to overhaul their data storage centers.  Essentially, they needed to do more with less – a phrase that has become increasingly common over the last few years, especially in the healthcare industry.

Hanover Hospital’s IT department had a few main challenges on their hands that needed immediate attention.  One of which was to drastically reduce the time spent on routine storage tasks, another was to reduce storage costs, but the third issue was the need to have the new departmental applications deployed quickly.  While that sounds simple, the new departmental applications required a significant amount of storage capacity which was beyond what their current storage array could support at that time.

Hanover Hospital considered a storage upgrade using their incumbent vendor, but that idea was quickly discarded due to the high cost for-performance.  Going that route would have only netted mediocre results, and it would have wasted a lot of time and money.

Becoming Software-Defined: Reducing Time Spent on Routine Storage Tasks and Reducing Storage Costs

DataCore Software was able to offer solutions that enabled Hanover Hospital to expand their data storage capacity, improve resiliency, and accelerate performance while simultaneously managing costs – definitely a tall order, but DataCore was able to deliver.

Hanover hospital is just one of over 1,000 customers that have trusted DataCore Software to virtualize its storage infrastructure.  DataCore stepped up by offering them a dream setup that ultimately enabled them to drastically reduce time spent on routine storage tasks from a staggering four hours down to only five minutes – that is 48 times faster!  It also beat back the greedy money monster by reducing data storage costs by an exceptional margin of 90% less in CAPEX and 80-90% less in OPEX – which is important to a not-for-profit organization.

Hanover Hospital trusted DataCore to virtualize its storage infrastructure because the hospital did not have to upgrade its existing, underlying storage – thereby making a CapEX outlay cost much lower. With the combination of data storage virtualization and added synchronous mirroring over the last four years Hanover Hospital has experienced zero downtime despite storage failures and outages making the availability of its system a legend in data storage solutions.

Furthermore, Hanover now has the ability to manage its storage capacity through thin-provisioning.  The IT environment is about 60% over-provisioned allowing new systems to come online without having to add new storage.  Existing storage can be allocated to new systems immediately and overall storage can be expanded down the road. When new systems are introduced, the IT team simply thin-provisions virtual volumes of storage and presents them to the ESX hosts as well as to the VMs. By doing so, Hanover saves both time and money, making the DataCore Software approach a winning investment and a trusted business associate.

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