Jan 4, 2017

Is a Hyperconverged Infrastructure right for your Data Center?

by Carlos Nieves, Director of Marketing, DataCore Software

As an IT executive or professional, you’ve probably heard a lot of buzz around hyperconvergence in the past 12 months. Maybe you’ve already implemented it or are in the process of evaluating your options. But, is a hyperconverged infrastructure right for you?

The most common pain points I hear out there in the field are related to the following:

  • High infrastructure costs: Budgets remain tight, data is growing exponentially, and there’s pressure to continuously improve services every year. Need to more with less.
  • Performance bottlenecks: Applications need to run fast. Otherwise users complain and business slows down.
  • Insufficient business continuity / disaster recovery capabilities:  Applications can’t go down and data must be always accessible as it disrupts operations.
  • Complexity of IT operations:  Too much infrastructure complexity leads to performance issues, application downtime and management burden.
  • Staff expertise burden: The IT staff is limited and lacks the technical experience required to support the growing demands on the IT organization.

A hyperconverged infrastructure has many benefits, such as reduced capital costs, increased agility, and reduced management burdens. And, there are many use cases like consolidating a data center, deploying new Tier 1 applications, deploying VDI, managing sites remotely, or even implementing disaster recovery. On the other hand, all data center environments are different and there are many solutions out there with vendors adding to the confusion with ‘marketing speak’. You are the one who knows your environment so be careful and make sure the solution you are evaluating meets all your criteria.

So again, is a hyperconverged infrastructure right for you?

I can’t tell you the answer to that question, but what I can do is to invite you to join our Twitter Chat and engage with industry analysts and other IT professionals like you. This question and a few others will be part of our interactive discussion about the hyperconverged market wave.

Whether your organization has built a hyperconverged infrastructure, you are in the evaluation stage, or you think hyperconverged technology has no place in your data center, we would like to hear your thoughts.

Want to join? Mark your calendar now.

You can also join the conversation on January 11th at 2pm EST with the hashtag #HyperconvergedChat.


Tweet: Attention IT Pros! Join Industry Experts @JonToigo & @McTodd on 1/11 for a Tweet Chat on the Hyperconverged Market Wave #HyperconvergedChat

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