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Storage Virtualization: 5 Ways to Improve IT Operations Through Digital Transformation

An effective digital strategy requires a three-pronged approach: optimizing the customer experience, improving operational processes, and uncovering new and profitable business models.

In the first part of this series, we explored the role that storage virtualization plays in digital transformation, resulting in an improved customer experience. In this second part, we’ll look at ways to digitally transform operations by creating a high-performance, cost-effective hyperconverged infrastructure.

Transform IT Delivery with a Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Businesses are increasingly migrating away from siloed IT solutions dedicated to operations or departments and toward platform models that integrate functions such as data storage and network management. This hyperconverged approach is a trend that is already transforming IT delivery.

Best Practices for High-Performing IT Operations

The results from a recent IDC survey of 2,500 IT executives strongly suggest that companies who are successfully transforming IT operations are able to more easily meet defined business objectives. For your business to see similar benefits, your IT operations strategy must include several initiatives.

Here are 5 Ways to Improve IT Operations Through Digital Transformation:

  1. It’s important to note that businesses effective in transforming IT have a significant common denominator that stands out.
  2. Today’s high-performing IT organizations must be lightning-fast in response to the needs of key stakeholders. The IDC report referenced earlier shows this superior level of business support was cited by 80% of organizations as a key feature of successful IT transformation.
  3. Transformative IT is able to easily leverage technology to add continuous value across the enterprise with improved cost efficiencies, better end user experiences, and the rapid delivery of solutions that meet changing requirements.
  4. Among organizations successfully transforming IT, 98% of them integrate employee training into their strategic plan. This results in up to 20% less time on IT maintenance and repair. This collaborative approach builds a limitless atmosphere that lets IT focus on innovation, leverage external benchmarks to raise standards and continue to drive better overall business results.
  5. When your organization embraces hyperconverged infrastructures (highly integrated data storage and network management), this allows you to easily modernize, automate and transform every business line.

Digital Transformation Demands a Data-First Approach

Digital transformation initiatives require a “data-first” approach where access to the information is paramount to the customer journey. Reducing complexity by adding new hyper-converged solutions while also leveraging your existing systems of record (SOR) investment and rapid access to data in applications or systems of engagement (SOE) provides IT the ability to be agile in delivering results to the business lines. As a result, many organizations are looking to hyper-converged systems.

In fact,  a recent ESG survey stated that 85% of Information Technology and Digital Media (ITDM) professionals have deployed, or plan to deploy, hyper-converged systems. The results show how hyper-converged solutions empower organizations on their IT transformation journeys by doing these top 3 things:

  • 26% faster deployment
  • 1 in 4 experienced enhanced scalability
  • 1 in 5 experienced a simplified management

When considering a hyper-converged solution, it needs to be able to compliment your existing environment by leveraging and providing access to existing systems while managing new resources and infrastructure seamlessly.

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