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What it Takes to Achieve 5-Star Customer Support

We’ve just announced some impressive accolades earned by the DataCore worldwide support team, including the fact that the team recorded a score of 95%, on average, in customer satisfaction surveys done for all incidents. DataCore also recently was honored to receive one of the world’s top awards for customer service, contact center, business development and sales professionals with a 2017 Stevie Award win for the Front-Line Customer Service Team of the Year – Technology Industries category. This marked DataCore‘s fourth straight award in the annual competition.

We sat down with DataCore Senior Director of Technical Support, Wendy Stutzman, to explore what sets the DataCore team apart.

What does it take to achieve this level of 5-Star customer support?

WS: We believe that you have to have empathy for the customer, and really take the time to understand their problem. For example, when a customer calls DataCore support, they will never receive a scripted response from entry-level service personnel. They are always speaking with an experienced member of the support team from the start, and we do not offer a tiered level support model. This is because DataCore’s software directly influences the data used in business-critical IT systems and as a result, timeliness is of the greatest urgency.

Additionally, because of the number of variables involved, as well as the urgency for rapid problem resolution, senior technical expertise across many different storage software and hardware manufacturers, operating systems, and hypervisors is required. The first DataCore responder owns the call from inception to resolution, tapping additional resources as needed behind the scenes, providing the ultimate customer service experience.

It is also our job to ensure that customers get to a solution as soon as possible, and we don’t “manage by the numbers.” We don’t close a case just for the sake of closing it; we want to have a satisfied customer every time, and we make sure that our customers stay happy.

DataCore Customer Support Team

Can you tell us more about the recently recorded score of 95%, on average, in customer satisfaction surveys done for all incidents?

WS: DataCore sends a customer satisfaction survey to each customer for follow-up when they enter an incident. Customers are asked to assess from 1 to 10 (instead of the commonly used 1 to 5 metric) to provide a more accurate score, and the team follows up on every incident — not just a random sampling.  We are always striving to better our level of support — even though the 95% rate and our product renewal rates are excellent — which is a key reason why our team has been so successful.

We are here to support our customers, and having them send us praise for something that is part of our job description is icing on the cake. We offer many avenues of support as well, for maximum flexibility, including chat, phone support and tickets where customers can enter the information in their own words and set their own severity level. In any of these cases, our customers are reaching a level 3 engineer who is not just proficient in DataCore software but other related software and hardware products.

Internally, our team works collectively to help each other solve problems because we are dealing with mission-critical environments.

It is for all of these reasons and more that we are able to maintain a dedicated, highly-qualified support team, and provide our customers with the ultimate customer support experience.

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