Citrix Partnership

DataCore yields the highest availability, fastest performance and fullest utilization from storage assets, making it an essential element of a Citrix XenServer, Citrix XenDesktop™ and Citrix XenApp™ infrastructure.
Citrix Ready

Citrix and DataCore™ share a vision of the strategic and practical value of virtualization technology throughout the data center, including storage. With this shared vision, Citrix and DataCore work to optimize the integration of their products to meet the strategic and business needs of their customers while reducing cost of ownership.

Delivering a fully-virtualized datacenter, including virtualization of all of your storage assets

Fully realize the promise of data center virtualization

  • DataCore can extend Citrix’s virtualization benefits – including reduced cost/greater efficiency/enhanced performance — to storage
  • Eliminate storage as a cost or performance roadblock to a Citrix-based virtualization solution

DataCore adds key risk management features to Citrix deployments

  • More functionality, better performance from storage
  • Add high availability, disaster recovery to your Citrix environment
  • Better performance for Citrix-powered applications, desktops, servers

DataCore can accelerate time-to-value for your Citrix investment

  • Implement a high-function SAN without significant incremental investment; no need for hardware “rip and replace”
  • Leverage existing hardware
  • Avoid hardware “lock-in”

Use Cases

Software-Defined Storage is Essential To Your Citrix® Virtualization Strategy

Some business challenges that we can help with:

  • Finding it unaffordable to put in place the highly-available, shared storage required to support a Citrix XenServer and/or Citrix XenDesktop virtualization project.
  • Experiencing frequent disruptions attributed to storage. For example, outages are required to expand capacity, take backups, resize volumes, swap out disk drives, upgrade equipment and migrate data to different equipment.
  • Applications and virtual machines run slowly. Problems can be traced to disk I/O bottlenecks and programs running out of disk space because 5 to 15 times more workloads are competing for the same storage resources.
  • High risk of losing critical information due to major and mini disasters that damage or impair storage hardware. Such a loss might jeopardize the organizations ability to continue IT operations and lead to business collapse.
  • Budget cuts impeding rollout of adequate SAN to support server consolidation.