DataCore Swarm Features

Swarm enables organizations with limited staff, resources, and budgets to support distributed data workloads at scale. The comprehensive feature set is relied upon every day by large entertainment companies, sport teams, federal governments, national laboratories, research institutions, healthcare facilities and hundreds more organizations in various industries worldwide.

Operations and Insight

Swarm Usage Auditing Metering

Usage Auditing, Metering & Quotas

Access a data feed of transactions and requests by domain such as storage requests, attempted logins, etc. to create detailed billing and accounting reports for bandwidth usage, access audits and API request summaries.

Swarm Identity Management

Identity Management

Multi-tenancy is built in along with support for enterprise identity management solutions (LDAP, AD and Linux PAM) and token-based authentication (Amazon S3 API and SAML 2.0 SSO).

Swarm Delegation Self Service

Delegation & Self-Service

Administrators can selectively delegate management control to end-users allowing them to self-manage their content and access without IT intervention.

Swarm Historical Realtime Charts

Historical & Realtime Charts

View utilization of storage resources for planning purposes.

Swarm Health Performance Graphs

Health & Performance Graphs

View performance and the health of infrastructure for administrative purposes.

Swarm Orchestration


Management APIs provide integration paths into an enterprise’s DevOps for automated provisioning and life-cycle management for tenants, end-users, and their content.


Data and Infrastructure Management Services

Swarm Universal Namespace

Universal Namespace

Files can be accessed across a single namespace through multiple protocols including NFS, SMB, Amazon S3 and Swarm HTTP.

Swarm Single Multi Site

Single or Multi-Site

Swarm supports single or multi-site deployments (synchronous or asynchronous replication) to satisfy a broad range of use cases and business requirements. Sites can have different hardware configurations and protection schemes.

Swarm Security Compliance

Security & Compliance

Security scales from simple user-based access to a full RBAC depending upon the needs of the enterprise. All content actions are tracked for auditing. Content integrity can be ensured using Swarm’s Integrity Seals and version tracking.

Swarm Elastic Content Protection

Elastic Content Protection (Replication + Erasure Coding)

Swarm’s Elastic Content Protection combines automated management of replication and erasure coding with continuous integrity checks and fast volume recovery. Recovery operations get faster as the cluster grows.

Swarm Automatic Failover Recovery

Automatic Failover Recovery

Swarm architecture utilizes a bidding algorithm to determine the most efficient location to store, deliver, or recover an object from. In the event an issue is encountered, Swarm automatically recovers and redirects requests.

Swarm Encryption In Flight Rest

Encryption in Flight & at Rest

Swarm supports full volume AES-256 encryption for data at rest and standard HTTPS load balancing for data in flight to Swarm.

Swarm Rapid Expansion

Rapid Expansion

Swarm’s ‘non-single point of failure’ approach makes it simple to scale your storage. Just rack servers, boot Swarm and store. All storage balancing is automated. Swarm software is also available as a VM or as a complete appliance.

Swarm Optimize Capacity Performance

Optimize for Capacity or Performance

Erasure coding reduces footprint and increases data durability while replication ensures rapid access. Mix and match the data protection method that fits your business, retention or SLA requirements.

Swarm Search Query

Search & Query

Swarm is seamlessly integrated with Elasticsearch giving you a wide range of search and analytics options. Queries and searches can be conducted by command line, through the Swarm web-based Content Portal or via the Swarm API.

Swarm File Sharing Streaming Video

File Sharing, Streaming & Video Clipping

Easily and securely share files and stream video directly from Swarm. Video clipping (Partial File Restore), parallel uploading and range reads streamlines the management and viewing of large files.

Swarm Worm Integrity Seals

WORM & S3 Object Locking

Meet regulatory mandates that content is stored on non-erasable, non-rewritable media. Achieve immutability with S3 object locking. Integrity Seals let you prove in a court of law that content has not been tampered with.

Swarm Cloud Disaster Recovery

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Swarm Cloud DR powered by Wasabi provides a seamless way to instantly add a remote DR site. Backups are customizable and data is replicated to one of Wasabi’s globally distributed data centers.

Command and Control

Swarm Console


Swarm includes a unified web console for administrators and end users to track performance trends and manage/monitor content usage quotas.

Swarm Rest Api


All of Swarm’s console management and storage capabilities are also surfaced through Management APIs in order to allow for DevOps teams or developers to integrate Swarm into their enterprise applications and processes.

Swarm Customizable Metadata

Customizable Metadata

Add custom metadata to any file, at any time via a web-browser or the API. Define exactly how data is organized, previewed and filtered to limit results or narrow search.

Swarm Granular Administration

Granular Administration

Administrators can easily manage tenants, buckets, quotas, metering, and integration into identity management solutions via a web-based portal or via an API for seamless integration into 3rd party management solutions.

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