DataCore Swarm: Key Features

Dive into the robust features of DataCore Swarm. Widely adopted across industries, see how this software-defined object storage solution meets the data storage needs of diverse organizations and service providers.

Data Services

Swarm Security Compliance

WORM / Immutability

Ensures data is non-erasable and non-rewritable by supporting S3 object lock and enabling legal hold. These measures protect against cyberthreats, bit rot, and other data loss risks.

Swarm Worm Integrity Seals

Data Integrity Seals

Verifies the authenticity of stored data against tampering or corruption. This is especially helpful for auditing and compliance.

Swarm Encryption In Flight Rest


Secures data by converting it to an unreadable format preventing unauthorized access without a key. Encryption at rest and in transit are supported.

Retention Scheduling Icon Small

Retention Scheduling

Manages data lifecycle with predefined time periods for retaining and deleting data based on custom policies.

Custom Metadata Icon Sm

Custom Metadata

Allows users to add and modify metadata (tags, descriptions, etc.) to objects, enhancing searchability, categorization, and management.

Swarm Universal Namespace

Universal Namespace

Provides a consistent view of objects across domains, buckets, and sites for easy access. Uses human-readable uniform global identifiers to retrieve objects.

Synchronous Replication Icon Sm

Synchronous Replication

Creates local and remote real-time copies of data for immediate recovery during disruptions. This minimizes downtime and ensures data high availability.

Asynchronous Replication Icon Sm

Asynchronous Replication & Disaster Recovery

Creates redundancy across geographically dispersed locations, enabling recovery from major site outages.

Erasure Coding Icon Sm

Erasure Coding

Splits data into segments, encodes, and stores across different disks. This increases data availability and resilience against failures.

Self Healing Icon Sm


Proactively checks for bit rot and hardware failures. Automatically rebuilds and recovers data based on data protection policies.

Dynamic Caching Icon Sm

Dynamic Caching

Automatically persists content in RAM based on access demand (high or low), ensuring optimal infrastructure performance.

Swarm Cloud Disaster Recovery

Cloud Integration

Facilitates hybrid cloud usage by copying data to and from public clouds (AWS, Azure, etc.).

A unique feature of Swarm is that it supports both replication and erasure coding on the same node. You can set policies that shift between the two protection methods based on performance and budgetary requirements.

Operation & Insights

Swarm provides a host of capabilities to simplify operations for both administrators and end-users accessing data.

Identity & Access Management

Integrates with LDAP, Active Directory, and Linux PAM, as well as token-based authentication systems such as Amazon S3 API and SAML 2.0 Single Sign-On (SSO).

End-user Self-service Portal

Intuitive web-based portal with distributed access over S3/HTTP(S) for on-demand content access, sharing, streaming, video clipping, and collaboration.

Ad Hoc Search & Query

Powered by Elasticsearch, Swarm enables metadata-aware search and query. Searches are dynamic, can be saved, & reused to speed up query building.

Monitoring & Reporting

Monitors hardware health and cluster capacity usage, supports SNMP and Prometheus for metrics export, and integrates with Grafana for historical performance analysis.


Enables a centralized storage infrastructure to provision for distinct tenants and domains with metered quota allocation, resource management, and access control.

Command & Control

  • Swarm offers command and control through its web console, REST APIs, third-party tools, and orchestration systems.
  • Audit logs provide activity tracking and compliance monitoring.
  • Metering can be used to report on usage metrics for analytics and billing generation.
  • Quotas are set at the object, bucket, domain, and cluster level for granular bandwidth and capacity governance.
  • S3 object lock is supported to achieve data immutability and ransomware defense.
  • Darkive™ is a patented adaptive power conservation function that helps power down disks based on monitored periods of inactivity.

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