Lenovo servers and the DataCore Software-Defined Storage platform

Together, Lenovo™ and DataCore™ create a storage solution that is able to harness the full potential of today's storage technology and provide the performance and SLAs needed for 'always-on' applications. This combination creates a Tier 1 storage platform, while reducing management overhead and costs that breaks down silos with a unified set of data services.

Powerful Solutions for Demanding Use Cases

Solution Area #1: Hyper-converged infrastructure
In virtualized environments, hyper-converged is being deployed due to its simplicity, power and ability to scale. Typical use cases include infrastructure for virtualized applications at remote sites, VDI, and high-performance database clusters. The combination of DataCore software and Lenovo servers is the right combination for hyper-converged as it is easy to deploy and manage, has the lowest TCO and provides a high performance infrastructure all applications.

Solution area #2: SDS platform
For environments with significant investments in legacy storage systems, “rip ‘n replace” is not feasible. Instead, the existing storage investments must be enhanced and optimized, to deliver availability, performance, cost reduction and easy management that is needed. Here DataCore software is used to turn Lenovo servers into a powerful, high capacity and highly available storage platform requiring less space, power and administration than offerings from other storage vendors. In addition, centralized management using a common set of commands across disparate systems, together with extensive automation and orchestration, simplifies administration and allows IT to respond to business needs easily and without disrupting other applications.

Lenovo x3650 server

Solution Benefits

The Lenovo & DataCore Software-defined Storage solution enables customers to maximize the value from their storage investments, current and future.

Solution Downloads

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Deployment Ready Offerings

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