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Manish Chacko
SANsymphony Gets Encryption and Metro-Cluster Enhancements, Along with Added Simplicity and Style in its Latest Version
I am very excited to announce the upcoming release of SANsymphony 10.0 PSP 9. A major item included in this release is the addition of…
Manish Chacko
Data At Rest Encryption
Let’s start with the basics—encryption is defined as the process of encoding or encrypting a data in such a manner that only designated authorized people…
Ben Treiber
Flash Memory Summit 2018 Wrap-up: Software-Defined Storage and the Customer Path to NVMe over Fabric
The Flash Memory Summit 2018 is…well, just a memory now. But it’s a good one. At this year’s event, I participated in a panel discussion…
Marisa Cabral
How the World’s No. 1 School of International Business Aced their Storage Refresh by Avoiding Vendor Lock-In and High Costs
Data centers represent the lifeblood of any college or university. So ultimately, they can come with high expectations. But, can you imagine how much higher…
Sander Puerto
How to Convert Your Hypervisor Into a Fast HCI Appliance
The most common use of x86 Servers today is to run hypervisor software that enables the hardware to be shared by multiple virtual machine (VM)…
Carlos Nieves
How to Extend the Life of Your Storage Hardware and Free Your Business from Vendor Lock-In
Hardware refresh cycles – these are three simple words that when combined together represent one of the most challenging moments in IT’s daily life, especially…