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Red Hat OpenStack Platform Cinder Driver Certification for SANsymphony

Simplify volume provisioning for Red Hat Enterprise Linux virtual machines
Red Hat OpenStack Platform Cinder Driver Certification for SANsymphony

After supporting Cinder Drivers for OpenStack for many years, DataCore SANsymphony has been tested and certified by Red Hat to support block storage volume provisioning and management for workloads managed by Red Hat OpenStack Platform version 16.2.

Sansymphony Redhat Openstack Platform Certification

Let’s dive in to understand what this means to users of Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

If you are managing virtual machines (VMs) with the Red Hat OpenStack Platform, you can leverage the purpose-built SANsymphony Volume Driver plugin for Cinder Block Storage service. As Red Hat OpenStack Platform simplifies management of compute resources to the VMs, SANsymphony’s Volume Driver for Cinder simplifies provisioning and management of volumes from underlying block storage hardware to the VMs.

Ultimate Flexibility: Any Storage, Any Vendor

Because SANsymphony is vendor agnostic, you can take advantage of the flexibility and compose your storage fabric with any block storage device of your choice with any mix of HDDs and SSDs supported by a wide variety of protocols ranging from Fibre Channel, iSCSI, NVMe, SAS, SATA to FCoE.

Eliminate Storage Silos

SANsymphony works by virtualizing and abstracting the underlying storage capacity and forming storage pools. Storage silos are eliminated and SANsymphony becomes the universal storage controller managing and capacity allocation and data services across diverse storage equipment.

Simplify Volume Provisioning for Red Hat OpenStack

Once you configure the Controller Node in the Red Hat OpenStack Platform to enable the SANsymphony Volume Driver, then SANsymphony uses its integration with Cinder to assign volumes (virtual disks created from the storage pool) to your VMs. Based on VM requirements you can create policies to automate provisioning of volumes. Both Fibre Channel and iSCSI protocols are supported to enable volume provisioning between SANsymphony and your Linux hosts.

Visit DataCore documentation for the detailed instructions for enabling SANsymphony’s Volume Driver for Cinder in the Red Hat Controller Node.

Sansymphony serving Virtual Disks from Storage Pooling

The tight integration between Red Hat and SANsymphony also allows you to perform many volume management functions directly from your familiar Red Hat OpenStack Platform, avoiding the need to transition to the SANsymphony console for these basic operations. Supported Cinder Driver integration functions include:

  • Create Volume
  • Delete Volume
  • Attach Volume
  • Detach Volume
  • Extend Volume
  • Create Snapshot
  • Delete Snapshot
  • Create Volume from Snapshot
  • Create Volume from Volume (clone)
  • Create Image from Volume
  • Volume Migration (host assisted)

Check out the Cinder Driver Support Matrix to learn more.

It is to be noted that SANsymphony has had this Volume Driver integration with Cinder for the open-source OpenStack platform for many years now, with the latest support for Zed Series. The afore-discussed certification expands the support to the enterprise licensed version of Red Hat OpenStack Platform version 16.2 with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4.

SANsymphony can be leveraged for many storage and data services management operations including high availability, thin provisioning, non-disruptive data migration between unlike devices, and so much more. Contact DataCore to learn more about SANsymphony and about the Cinder driver integration for Red Hat.

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