Augie Gonzalez

Augie Gonzalez brings 30+ years of diverse experience architecting, marketing and managing advanced IT products and services, most recently with software-defined storage solutions for on-premises and hybrid clouds.  Before joining DataCore, he led the Citrix team that introduced simple, secure, remote access solutions for small to midsize organizations. Earlier, Gonzalez headed Sun Microsystems Storage Division’s Disaster Recovery Group. He’s held marketing / product planning and software development roles at Encore Computers and Gould Computer Systems specializing in high-end platforms for vehicle simulation and data acquisition.

In prior years, he was immersed in Space Launch and Cruise Missile programs at General Dynamics overseeing its mechanical test labs, and had a hand in the introduction of Computer Aided Manufacturing to the company. Gonzalez holds a Bachelor of Science (B.S.C.E) in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida and contributed to Chemical Oceanography research at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science.

Outside the workplace, Augie enjoys ocean sports.

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Augie Gonzalez
Breaking Free of File System Hierarchies
(Without the Bloodshed)
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Augie Gonzalez
Reducing Data Center Infrastructure Costs with Software-Defined Storage
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Augie Gonzalez
Continuously Modernize Your Storage Infrastructure Without Disruption
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Combat Planned Obsolescence from Next-Gen Storage
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Augie Gonzalez
Diverse Storage Systems – Putting Their Differences to Good Use
IT practitioners are taught since infancy the benefits of standardizing hardware. The “homogeneous doctrine” promises that sticking with one manufacturer and one model will make…
Augie Gonzalez
How to Put Existing SANs to Good Use when Transitioning to Hyperconverged Infrastructure
Most vendors of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) advocate for discarding all traces of existing SANs, as if ridding the world of some dark evil. From where…
Augie Gonzalez
Hitting the limits of your SQL Server: Time to scale out?
When complaints about slow systems reach a fever pitch, there’s no ignoring them. You’ve exhausted all the hardware options at your disposal. Maybe now is…
Augie Gonzalez
Black Holes – Casting shadows on SQL Server Parallelism
For any of you who’ve struggled trying to tweak degrees of parallelism (DoP) and affinity masks in multi-core SQL Servers to chop down query times,…
Augie Gonzalez
Why Adaptive Parallelization Matters
Lately I have found myself engaging in many conversations related to the topic of parallelization and why it matters, particularly to I/O processing. Upon first hearing the phrase ‘Parallel I/O’,…
Augie Gonzalez
Continuous Uptime by Combining VMware HA Clusters with DataCore Metro Storage Solutions
The single best strategy for maintaining continuous uptime starts with mirroring identical copies of data between two places, ideally some distance from each other.  How…