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It’s a Hybrid Cloud World

The cloud. It’s where everybody wants to put everything, but the fact is, there are some applications that need to remain on premise. These applications face obstacles – latency, intermittent connectivity, and regulation requirements, among others – that prevent them from moving fully to the cloud. As a result, hybrid cloud technologies will continue to grow in importance in the year ahead.

An example of one of the benefits of the hybrid cloud model – which combines public cloud with private IT infrastructure – is ease of access to business-critical data and applications that it enables. This is key for disaster recovery, considering that the average cost of a single hour of downtime for an enterprise is $300,000. A hybrid cloud solution in this case can make the difference between emerging from a crisis at minimal cost and maximum speed, or jeopardizing business reputation and bottom line.

Recognizing the growing need for hybrid cloud solutions, DataCore began to deliver a series of cloud-based storage and hyperconverged solutions in 2017, with more to follow in 2018. Our customers with on-premise deployments of software-defined and hyperconverged storage solutions can utilize DataCore Cloud Replication as a way to use the cloud as an added replication location to safeguard highly available systems and for disaster recovery. This makes it much simpler for them to take advantage of the scalability, agility and cost efficiencies of the cloud to quickly roll out a secure remote replication site, while enjoying unified storage management between their on-premises infrastructure and the cloud.

As users continue to evaluate and implement cloud-based solutions, we will continue to see a large uptick in hybrid cloud technologies. It will be critical for these solutions to provide a way to run and operate either on-premise or in the cloud in a consistent manner. The infrastructure, whether located on-premise or in the cloud, needs to become invisible. Data can be anywhere, and access and responsiveness to meet customer expectations drive what matters. With a consistent private and public cloud set of solutions, organizations can confidently make technology decisions based on business requirements, rather than business decisions based on technology complications.

To locate DataCore Cloud Replication within the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, click here, or request a live demo of our cloud-based storage and hyperconverged solutions here.

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