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Storage Virtualization: How to Drive Digital Transformation with a Software Defined Storage Infrastructure

Digital transformation is not a specific technology or a set of technologies—it is an essential business strategy in today’s digital era.

The MIT Sloan Management Review survey, The Nine Elements of Digital Transformation, shows that companies that are more mature in their digital transformation journey outperform those that are not. So, what does this meant to you?

Digital is no longer optional—regardless of the industry you’re in, today’s business imperative is to reach customers and new business opportunities across an array of devices, applications, and buying channels. However, true digital transformation goes beyond application development and related short-term tactics.

In the first part of this series, Storage Virtualization: The Missing Link in Digital Transformation,  we explore the role that storage virtualization plays in digital transformation in creating an improved customer experience. In the second part, Storage Virtualization: 5 Ways to Improve IT Operations Through Digital Transformation, we look at ways to digitally transform operations by creating a high-performance, cost-effective hyper-converged infrastructure. In this third part, we’ll touch upon the most intriguing potential in digital transformation—uncovering new and profitable ways of doing business.

Third Platform Technologies and Digital Success

The key is to understand that Digital Transformation is underpinned by third platform technologies like cloud, mobility, big data, social, internet of things (IoT), and robotics. This is precisely what a software-defined storage infrastructure is designed to do.

digital transformation virtualization SDS

Source: IDC: 3rd Platform, Innovation Accelerator

The core of the third platform is software-defined storage. The data drives the innovation accelerators and enables the success of digital transformation initiatives. In fact, according to Enterprise Strategy Group’s  Software-Defined Storage (SDS) Market Trends report, “52% of organizations are committed to software-defined storage as a long-term strategy.”

Looking at IT in a New Way

Leading digital change requires IT managers, C-level executives and other business leaders to have a vision of how to transform their company for a digital world. They are looking to:

  • Automate the deployment of IT services
  • Optimize IT operations and reduce TCO
  • Explore a whole new way to look at storage

Digitization brings tremendous opportunities to your business, no matter what industry you’re in. By allowing your organization to remove physical, geographic and device-specific restrictions of data storage equipment that slow, interrupt or endanger your IT operations, you can dramatically improve operational processes—in turn, enabling you to uncover new value propositions for the business.

Rethink Your Business with a Software-Defined Storage Infrastructure

As we mentioned in part 2 of this series, Storage Virtualization: 5 Ways to Improve IT Operations Through Digital Transformation, businesses are increasingly migrating away from siloed IT solutions dedicated to operations or departments and toward an integrated technology model. This becomes possible only when you embrace a software-defined storage infrastructure. The core characteristics for SDS infrastructures include:

  • Performance: Acceleration of access to data and utilizing the right technology for the application
  • Availability: Zero downtime utilizing continuous access to data sets in distributed locations
  • Efficiency: Seamlessly and dynamically add storage resources transparently to applications
  • Management: Analysis / reporting with complete integration of hybrid, on premise and cloud-based storage offerings

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