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Supporting the Goals of U.S. National Health IT Week

It’s U.S. National Health IT Week, a national awareness week focused on driving actionable change in the U.S. health system through the application of information and technology. As one of the leading providers of software-defined storage for hospitals and health systems, DataCore Software strongly supports this initiative, because we have seen firsthand how technology has the power to effect positive transformation in healthcare.

Today, more than 1,000 healthcare organizations rely on us to simplify their storage management, reduce costs, and ensure always-on data availability. Our software enables these hospitals and health systems to address mission-critical healthcare IT challenges while maximizing the availability, performance, and utilization of IT resources – allowing them to enhance patient outcomes while keeping costs low.

DataCore software-defined storage solutions are uniquely suited to address today’s healthcare IT challenges, specifically:

Consolidating and managing healthcare IT data from disparate systems

DataCore abstracts and automates the data services and management of underlying storage capacity.

Safeguarding healthcare data and applications from cyberattacks, system outages, data loss, natural disaster, and human error

DataCore ensures the infrastructure is always available, no matter what the issue, by mirroring data transparently, automatically, in real time.

Ensuring ultra-fast application response times and real-time data availability for life-critical healthcare applications

DataCore forms a transparent virtualization layer across diverse storage systems to maximize the availability, performance, and efficiency of healthcare application workloads (EHR, PACS).

Scaling storage as needed to handle growing amount of healthcare data—easily, instantaneously, inexpensively, and non-disruptively

DataCore software enables healthcare IT departments to improve performance without requiring them to rip and replace their systems. By providing a virtual storage pool with existing and new storage systems that dynamically assigns workloads to optimal storage tiers based on performance requirements, DataCore lets users scale up or scale out applications while efficiently using all resources.

DataCore is proud to support National Health IT Week and to continue our work in furthering its mission: to improve healthcare through the application of technology. To find out more about how DataCore is helping transform healthcare, check out some of our healthcare success stories below:

  • Maimonides Medical Center – Learn how Maimonides Medical Center achieves operational continuity by using software-defined storage to keep patient and systems data accessible 24/7/365.
  • Hanover Hospital – Find out how this community hospital reduced storage costs, limited time spent on routine storage tasks and deployed new departmental applications quickly working with DataCore.

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