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How One of Arizona’s Largest Counties Achieved Zero Downtime During Storage Migrations and Avoided Hardware Lock-In

In the pursuit of business continuity and increased efficiency, businesses and organizations alike are faced with implementing innovative technology that drives a fail-proof IT infrastructure. And for those business objectives, we know that data growth is one of the primary catalysts..

For instance, according to Storage Newsletter, data is growing at an exponential rate with nearly 2.5 exabytes of data being created each day. So, it is fair to say that data is at the core of every business, and that’s why the preservation and protection of that data is now more important than ever before. However, what happens when it is time for a storage refresh and you must migrate that data all while avoiding potential downtime?

Understanding this challenge very well, their  mission is to utilize technologies that not only contribute to creating the most efficient and effective organization, but to also provide the best possible customer service to its employees and citizens simultaneously. . But, this local government was in luck because there was just one solution that would enable them to minimize downtime related to storage hardware migrations, and more!

IT Challenges: Business and Data Disruption from Storage Migrations and Refreshes

According to a survey done by Kroll Ontrack, nearly one-third of organizations have lost data while migrating, hence you can imagine the fear among the IT staff at Mohave County when the time came for their hardware upgrade. Suspension of service to all users, planned downtime, and complete migration failure, just to name a few, were all valid challenges that gloomed over the IT staff. Additionally, Nathan McDaniel and his team were seeking to substantially reduce the capital and operating expenses associated with storage while extending the life of storage investments and skipping expensive refresh cycles.

So, as an IT manager, what would you do you do in this situation?

Not only is the performance amazing, the rich features set of the product provides the county with the features we desire to work across any storage we manage with DataCore

Nathan McDonal, IT Director
Mohave County, Arizona

Meeting the Challenge at Mohave County

The primary obstacle that needed to be resolved was data migration. The IT staff deployed SANsymphony SDS platform in their environment, which transformed their disparate storage resources into a unified infrastructure. This deployment provided the services and facilities to migrate data contained within virtual disk pools to newer storage devices and from devices that are not originally managed by DataCore. The best part is that there was no impact to business operations and the county was able to achieve better data protection, performance and capacity utilization.

arizona case study diagram

And according to Nathan McDaniel, IT Director at Mohave County, “Not only is the performance amazing, the rich features set of the product provides the county with the features we desire to work across any storage we manage with DataCore.”

Software-Defined Storage with DataCore – A Whole New Approach at Mohave County

 By implementing SANsymphony, Mohave County was able to save up to 60% on operating expenses – so what are you waiting for? By simply having a software-defined storage infrastructure, your forward thinking will keep you ahead of the game with hardware advances. Because DataCore offers a software-based approach – the software lives beyond devices that “come and go” – thereby extending the useful life of storage and training investments.

For more information on this detailed case study and feedback from the Director of IT, download the Mohave County, Arizona case study today!

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