Data Protection Solutions with  DataCore and Commvault

DataCore’s partnership with Commvault enables enterprises to build a robust backup & recovery solution with secure and scalable storage.
Data Protection Solutions with DataCore and Commvault
Ensure Continuity and Data Protection

Store growing backups on affordable and scalable S3 object storage

Adapt to Changing Business Needs

Safeguard backups against downtime and data loss

Optimize IT Investments

Enable intelligent and application-aware storage snapshots

Optimize IT Investments

Improve RPO and RTO goals with reliable recovery from snapshots

A Modern Approach to Backup & Recovery

Data growth is happening at an unprecedented scale in today’s digital economy. There is a constant need for data to be backed up and protected for retention, recovery, and compliance. DataCore and Commvault have partnered to deliver joint solutions that ensure robust backup, recovery, storage and protection for your data. The combined solution offerings help organizations to address challenges of storing and managing rapidly scaling backups and protecting them against downtime and data loss.

DataCore offers two Commvault validated solutions addressing critical storage challenges for organizations using Commvault.

DataCore provides a massively scalable cost-effective object storage solution to manage the mounting volume of backups. With DataCore Swarm, organizations benefit from a secure and reliable secondary storage to protect backups, which are stored on-premises, thus enabling better data governance and adherence with IT security policies.

Swarm integrates with Commvault Backup & Recovery software to provide an affordable storage target for backups. Store, protect and manage your Commvault backups on secure object storage tier that scales according to workload demands.

Using a combination of replication and erasure coding Swarm allows IT teams choose and alternate between appropriate data protection schemes based on their organizational requirements.

While erasure coding reduces the storage footprint and increases data durability, replication ensures rapid access. Swarm also enables backup copies to be moved to colder archives in offsite locations (cloud/tape/etc.) for additional protection and recovery.

Backups can be object-locked for specified retention periods (days, months, years) so they cannot be modified or deleted. Commvault Backup & Recovery treats these backups as WORM (Write Once Read Many) images. They can also be encrypted, either in-flight or at-rest. This enables data immutability and tamper-proofing of backups to protect against ransomware attacks and other security breaches.

Additional capabilities such as content integrity seals, legal hold, activity logging, hashing, automated volume recovery, etc. ensure comprehensive data protection and compliance enablement.

Convert standard x86 servers into scalable and resilient object storage clusters to store hundreds of terabytes and petabytes of data. IT teams can scale capacity and throughput easily by adding in new drives or new Swarm nodes in the cluster, or deploy multiple Swarm clusters across sites to improve high availability.

With Swarm, you can store more backups, spend less time managing storage, reduce TCO, all while ensuring your backups are safeguarded and instantly available a month, a year, or a decade from now.

Commvault Backup & Recovery Storage Target | DataCore Swarm On-premises Object Storage

Swarm object storage used as secure on-premises storage target for Commvault backups

Why Choose Swarm as the Storage Target for Commvault Backups

  • Store more backups with a market-leading 95% capacity utilization for user data
  • Increase confidence in backup integrity and restores with automated self-healing and data protection
  • Modernize hardware non-disruptively when the time is right, with your choice of equipment
  • Reduce your storage costs by using a cost-effective secondary storage on-premises
Protect against cyber-attacks

Protect against cyber-attacks, hardware failures, and data loss

Icon Improve Efficiency

Improve efficiency as backup capacity increases

Icon Ensure Backups

Ensure backups are always available and accessible

Icon Achieve Backup And Archive

Achieve backup and active archiving in the same solution

For business-critical applications that have low tolerance for downtime, rapid recovery and rollbacks from snapshots provide the ideal solution. Commvault IntelliSnap® technology automates and orchestrates snapshot management across multiple storage hardware. By integrating with DataCore SANsymphony, IntelliSnap facilitates application-aware snapshots to be taken from any block-based storage device (SAN array, HCI server, etc.).

SANsymphony is a software-defined storage solution that virtualizes storage resources across diverse storage equipment and simplifies capacity provisioning and data services management. A Commvault tested and validated solution, SANsymphony ships with the native functionality to automate storage snapshots (point-in-time copies of data) on a periodic basis. In the event of a downtime or any data loss incident, the most recent snapshot is restored to application.

The integration with Commvault IntelliSnap produces application-aware storage snapshots that accelerate recovery with granular protection and retention options, while improving demanding recovery point and recovery time SLAs. IntelliSnap technology combines a broad range of application awareness with the hardware-agnostic SANsymphony storage controller to a provide reliable recovery mechanism for SAN and HCI environments.

The combined solution of Commvault and DataCore helps organizations to strengthen their BC/DR strategy by making snapshots fast, more efficient, and easy to manage and restore without regard to the make or model of the underlying storage hardware. Be unburdened from the complexity of writing and managing scripts for snapshot management. Leverage automation to save time, effort, and IT costs.

SANsymphony Integration with Commvault | Application-aware Snapshots

Snapshot integration between SANsymphony and Commvault IntelliSnap technology

As a result of our partnership with Commvault, IT teams can now leverage the benefits of software-defined storage to accelerate data protection and recovery operations while making storage maintenance, data migrations and hardware refreshes easier.

Going beyond snapshots and backups, SANsymphony enables fault tolerance for application data by synchronously mirroring between local storage devices in the data center, and asynchronously replicating data over WAN to a remotes site for site-level disaster recovery.

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