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Self-Service Storage Provisioning on vSphere ESXi

Native policy-based storage management for VMs via integration with VMware VVols

Hardware-independent storage services eliminate storage challenges in virtualized environments.

Select class of service from virtual pools of diverse storage using familiar VM operations

Traditionally, vSphere admins request assistance from their storage administrator to assign storage capacity (LUNs) for new datastores. This slow, cumbersome and error-prone approach with multiple convoluted steps aggravates everyone. Furthermore, storage administrators have no visibility to which storage has been assigned to which VMs.

In order to track consumption, they either manually record the VM to LUN mappings on a spreadsheet or create one datastore per VM. This makes the management of storage infrastructure for virtualized environments complex, costly and inflexible.

DataCore integrates with VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols) to eliminate all manual coordination previously required, thus enabling a self-service provisioning process. vSphere administrators can draw capacity from DataCore virtual storage pools with the quality of service best suited for their workloads as part of their normal VM-creation workflow.

The storage administrators simply set up the pools once, defining which policies consumers can select to specify performance, data protection level and related options. From that point on, they can observe how much and what kind of space has been allocated to specific VMs and their snapshots.


  • Rapid VM deployment through self-service capacity allocation
  • Simplify policy-based storage management in VMware environments
  • Extend flexibility across existing and new storage devices irrespective of brand or model



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