How to Save Your IT Budget During an Economic Downturn


Short on budget? DataCore software-defined storage solutions provide the data management intelligence and storage optimization capabilities to leverage your current resources to the maximum: aggregate storage resources centrally, tier data to appropriate storage, deduplicate and compress data to save space, and more.

save budget and optimize your existing infrastructure

DataCore SDS Optimizes Your Existing Environment and Accelerates Time to Value

consolidate storage resources

Consolidate all storage resources and automatically move data between primary and secondary storage​.

premium storage stores hot data

Ensure premium storage only stores hot data and does not get used up with warm/cold data​.

Reclaim unused capacity anywhere in the current infrastructure and allocate it to serve growing business needs​.

Leverage object storage and elastic cloud as cheaper alternatives to store inactive data​.

Automate data migration so there is lesser overhead on IT staff doing manual work​.

Save usage capacity further with deduplication and compression.

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