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Optimizing Systems of Record Can Help Digital Transformation

As I noted in an earlier blog, companies are coming to realize that they must transform their businesses to survive in a completely digitized and connected world.  Many are driven by fear of being left behind, but even as they know they must act, they are overwhelmed by the enormity of the challenge.

It doesn’t have to be enormous. Modernization can and should be a phased approach. The way to achieve this is to leverage existing systems, databases and data sets (systems of record) while transitioning to new ways to interact with people, process and technology (systems of engagement) to modernize and more effectively meet customer satisfaction goals.

Systems of record manage an organization’s critical master data and support core transaction processing. According to Gartner, any differentiating or innovative capability will at some point rely on system-of-record transactions to ultimately deliver business value. However, many current systems of record and IT processes may require a revamp to provide services critical to enable digital transformation capabilities. The main reason for this is that systems of record are the bedrock of an organization’s technology infrastructure, and cannot be impacted with downtime or delay.

Technologies such as MaxParallel can help by providing optimization of the various systems of records. Using this non-disruptive plug-and-play software to optimize database workloads will ultimately increase the delivery and productivity of the data to the systems of engagement.

The benefits don’t stop there. Systems of engagement often need to compile the data and results gathered by the systems of record.  By leveraging the database optimization technology on the system of engagement, the time to compile results and produce the business response will decrease dramatically, providing rapid time to value for the desired response. Time is money, and time to insight matters – it drives survival in today’s round-the-clock and real-time business world.

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