SANsymphony Stands the Test of Time - US Federal Contractor KBRwyle Finds Ongoing Benefits with DataCore

It’s a fact of storage life that hardware comes and goes. Storage systems need upgrading, capacity needs to be expanded, and there is always a new technology on the horizon. Through nearly a decade of changes and updates, DataCore has been the constant for KBRwyle.

KBRwyle provides specialized engineering, scientific, professional, and technical services to the US Department of Defense, NASA, and other federal agencies. DataCore’s high availability active/active architecture has made storage downtime a thing of the past, and has given KBRwyle the freedom to make regular firmware updates without application downtime.

We’ve used DataCore since 2008. We’ve had zero downtime related to storage because of our highly available DataCore deployment

Cost savings is another important benefit of using DataCore, according to Ryan Mundie, KBRwyle senior system administrator. Because SANsymphony allows fibre channel storage arrays to be connected to virtualized hosts via iSCSI, there is no need to purchase expensive fibre channel cards for each host. And the software-defined storage approach gives KBRwyle the flexibility to choose any mix of storage hardware that fits their budget and needs, all managed via a single, unified interface.

DataCore has also given KBRwyle’s storage infrastructure a real performance boost, via its innovative Parallel I/O technology. Built-in auto-tiering sends hot data to the fastest storage hardware, no matter what that top-tier equipment may be at any given time.

“DataCore gives us everything we need: better availability, high performance, easy management, freedom of choice, and cost efficiency,” Mundie said.

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