DataCore SANsymphony Licensing Options

Flexible choices to suit your IT requirements

Three Editions to Choose From

DataCore SANsymphony block-based Software-Defined Storage (SDS) is available in three editions – Enterprise (EN), Standard (ST) and Business (BZ) – giving you the freedom of choice to buy the software based on specific functionality and scalability needs.

enterprise license

Enterprise-class edition offers the highest performance, richest feature set and the most flexibility

standard license

Standard edition is ideal for midrange requirements

business edition license

Business edition is the cost-efficient entry level of SANsymphony suited for smaller but demanding HA installations

Compare Editions

Ideal for Full-featured, highest performance Midrange Small demanding HA environments
Data Services
Synchronous Mirroring FC, iSCSI iSCSI FC, iSCSI
Parallel I/O
Replication & Site Recovery
Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
Random Write Accelerator (RWA)
Data Migration
Quality of Service (QoS)
Load Balancing
Thin Provisioning
Storage Pooling
Access Methods
Fibre Channel (FC)
Storage Devices
AFA, Hybrid Arrays, JBOx, SSD, HDD
Shared Multi-Port Arrays (SMPA)
Storage Protocols NVMe, FC, iSCSI, SAS/SATA, Cloud Gateways
Analytics / Actionable Insights DataCore Insight Services (DIS)
Proactive, Predictive, Operational Insights
Max. capacity per group Not limited Not limited 100 TB
Min. capacity per group 2 TB 2TB 10 TB
Min. capacity per node 1 TB 1 TB 5 TB
Max. nodes per group 64 64 2
Min. nodes 1 1 2
Expansion granularity 1 TB 1 TB 1 TB
Physical Servers (Bare Metal)
Virtual Machines (VMs)
Centralized Management
Real-Time & Historical Charting
Orchestration / Provisioning
Analytics / Alerting (on-premises)
Command / Control
PowerShell API
Console UI

Flexible Term Licensing

SANsymphony software is licensed based on managed capacity in TB and not by the number of installed instances. It can be purchased for annual and multi-year terms. All licensing options across EN, ST, and BZ editions include Premier Support and free product updates.

Pay As You Grow

Start with Standard or Enterprise

  • Scale capacity as needed – as little as 1 TB steps
  • Price per TB goes down as consumption grows
  • Unlimited number of instances for a single installation
  • ST can be upgraded to EN non-disruptively

Start with Business

  • Scale capacity as needed, as little as 1 TB steps (start with a minimum of 10 TB and scale up to 100 TB per installation)
  • Attractive pricing, no price bands
  • A single installation supports 2 SANsymphony instances
  • BZ can be upgraded to EN non-disruptively

You can have many installations of each edition in your organization. And you can also mix the editions according to your specific needs.

Lifetime Volume Discounts for EN and ST

Your earlier investments in EN and ST pay off. The more capacity under active support you have for one edition, the lower the price for that edition.

Example with SANsymphony EN Edition

You currently have 96 TB under active support and require 8 TB additional capacity.

With Lifetime Volume Discounts the 8 TB is 35% cheaper because you can leverage the 100–249 TB price band instead of the 1–9 TB price band.

Flexible Deployment Options

Each of the three SANsymphony editions – EN, ST and BZ – may be configured with existing or new servers and storage to:

  • Create purpose-built storage servers (converged or server SAN)
  • Hyperconverged storage across a cluster of servers (HCI)
  • Pool and virtualize popular storage arrays from any of the major manufacturers
  • Create combinations of the above

Nodes licensed for different editions cooperate in a centrally managed pool to address diverse infrastructure-wide requirements. Licensing of SANsymphony is independent of its deployment.

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