DataCore Bolt

Kubernetes Storage and Data Services for Containerized Applications

Deploy and run cloud-native applications at scale – in the data center, cloud, and edge locations. Ensure high performance persistent storage for stateful workloads.

Kubernetes Storage and Data Services for Containerized Applications

Modern applications running on Kubernetes demand high-performance persistent storage services that respond quickly to change. Legacy storage systems are unable to keep up with today’s fast-paced software delivery pipelines, and can cause operational slowdowns and high wait times.

DataCore Bolt is an enterprise-grade Kubernetes storage platform that delivers data persistence for cloud-native and container ecosystems. Designed as software-defined storage that automates provisioning and management at scale, Bolt leverages the benefits of NVMe to enable enhanced performance for stateful applications.

  • Built by K8s pros for K8s pros, Bolt Kubernetes storage provides the data abstraction layer that allows you to self-provision PVs on-demand
  • Convert your disaggregated storage infrastructure into a performance powerhouse to support latency-sensitive applications
  • Streamline your journey to the cloud-native data center with hyper-scale agility and smart automation
  • Easily integrate Bolt into your existing Kubernetes frameworks and DevOps toolchain and unlock the full potential of container-native storage

Use Cases

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Ensure a consistent environment (data persistence) for code build, test, and deployment

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Unlock greater CI/CD efficiencies to meet your SLAs and optimize release cycles

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Automate storage and data services management while reducing costs

Container-Native Storage
for DevOps

Learn how Bolt helps optimize storage for
CI/CD workflows

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  • Dynamically provision volumes from storage pools using standard Kubernetes persistent volume claims and storage classes
  • Scale easily vertically and horizontally based on your storage capacity needs
  • Using NVMe semantics throughout the data path, Bolt minimizes latency and overhead when accessing high-performance block storage devices
  • Acts as a centralized cloud-native declarative control plane that manages persistent volumes for cluster operations
  • Leverage volume replicas within the cluster to protect against hardware failures and data loss
  • Uniform high-end data services automation across diverse storage equipment (any make or model)
  • Integrates with your existing Kubernetes tools and frameworks (through APIs, CLI)
  • Integrates with monitoring tools (such as Prometheus) providing logs and metrics for observability

Persistent Storage for Kubernetes Containers

Pooling and dynamic volume provisioning of disaggregated storage

Kubernetes Storage for Stateful Applications

Protecting volumes against failure by creating replicas across K8s nodes

Benefits of Kubernetes Storage

Management Simplicity

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  • Replace complex storage management with native Kubernetes automation
  • Doesn’t require complex storage knowledge or specialized skills
  • Make Dev and Ops easier with software-defined storage management and data services

Improved Performance

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  • Leverage the benefits of NVMe and NVMe-oF to achieve high throughput for low-latency applications
  • Run stateful workloads at scale and deliver rapid and easy scaling of capacity and performance
  • Reduce time-to-market for app development projects

Flexibility Without Compromise

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  • Provision volumes by pooling storage from any NVMe-enabled storage hardware (HDDs/SSDs)
  • Ensure portability of storage services by removing kernel/OS dependencies
  • Enhance data resilience though volume replication across K8s nodes


DataCore Bolt is available as an easy-to-deploy and simple-to-use software package, which can be deployed in just a few minutes on any node (bare metal, virtual, or cloud-hosted) in your Kubernetes cluster.

Bolt is completely platform-independent supports any NVMe-powered storage hardware providing storage to your Kubernetes nodes.

Once deployed, Bolt abstracts the disk attached to the node and creates a storage pool. Use conventional declarations to claim persistent volumes which are logically partitioned and provisioned to pods just like any other resource. Leverage volume replicas within the cluster to protect against hardware failures and data loss. These simple steps facilitate the deployment and release of production-ready software while enabling enterprise-scale agility.

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