DataCore vFilO

Software-Defined Storage for File and Object Environments

Don’t let unstructured data growth and NAS sprawl affect your organization. vFilO lets you centrally manage file and object data storage, optimize capacity, and lower storage costs across on-premises, cloud and hybrid infrastructures.

Tired of searching for and managing files and data scattered over diverse NAS devices, file servers and object stores? Is unused capacity being wasted due to siloed storage management?

DataCore vFilO software-defined storage lets you pool all your unstructured data into a centrally managed global namespace from where you can gain unprecedented visibility and control across on-premises and cloud storage. By decoupling storage hardware from the software layer, vFilO gives you ultimate flexibility to control how and where you want to store data.

  • Optimize capacity allocation across devices and break storage silos
  • Easily refresh and upgrade your NAS devices non-disruptively
  • Get the flexibility to choose any device (make or model) of your choice
  • Automate data placement on devices, shares and object stores based on customizable business requirements
  • Supports NFS, SMB, and S3 protocols for data storage

Use Cases

centrally pool and manage data

Centrally pool and manage unstructured data across NAS devices, file servers and object stores

move inactive data to cloud

Move inactive data to cloud or on-premises object storage and reduce storage costs

what is global namespace?

Scale out and load balance capacity across storage devices to address unstructured data growth


  • Automatically moves hot data to premium NAS device and places warm and cold data on secondary storage and even the cloud
  • Simplifies file search operations across distributed data storage using a keyword-searchable global namespace
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  • Delivers granular file management capabilities such as snapshots, clones, replication, file undelete, and more
  • Uses machine learning to optimize for cost, performance, capacity, availability, compliance and other business objectives
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  • Continuously migrates, load balances and safeguards data among on-premises and cloud storage tiers
  • Enables deduplication and compression of inactive data moved to the cloud and lowers storage costs

vfilo archive objective screenshot

Manage data storage with adjustable policies for data mobility

vfilo add storage screenshot

Easily assimilate any NAS filer, share or S3 object store into vFilO

The figure below highlights the various capabilities of vFilO including key features, access methods and supported storage protocols.


  • Servers / PCs / Laptops
  • Virtual Machines
  • Container

Access Methods

  • NFS
  • SMB
  • S3*

Operation & Insights

  • Extensible Metadata
  • Data Migration
  • Historical /
    Real-Time Charts
  • Health &
    Performance Graphs
  • Alerts
  • Provisioning

Data Services

  • Active Archive Active Archive
  • Global Namespace Global Namespace*
  • Auto Placement Auto Placement
  • Load Balancing Load Balancing
  • Data Mobility Data Mobility
  • Parallel NFS Parallel NFS
  • Deduplication / Compression Deduplication / Compression**
  • Replication & Recovery Replication & Recovery
  • Encryption Encryption**
  • Snapshots Snapshots
  • Filer / NAS Pooling, Assimilation Filer / NAS Pooling, Assimilation
  • Undelete Undelete

Command & Control

  • Access Controls
  • CLI
  • Console
  • File Granularity
  • Plug-Ins

Storage Protocols

  • File
  • Object
  • Block
  • Cloud



Visibility & Control

visibility and control
  • Improve collaboration across sites with faster, easier access to files and multimedia
  • Enjoy increased visibility over unstructured data storage from a single console
  • Fulfill data governance obligations through explicit policies
  • Derive new business insights gleaned from metadata

Ultimate Flexibility

ultimate flexibility
  • Expand and modernize with no dependency on device or manufacturer
  • Integrate new technologies alongside existing equipment without expensive forklift upgrades
  • Store data where it makes most sense, traversing sites and hardware architectures, based on explicit policies

Efficiency & Simplicity

efficiency and simplicity
  • Recover time lost shuffling files around and backing them up
  • Avoid disruptive data migrations
  • Unify management of different types of data under one system
  • Automate data placement to optimize capacity and control costs while meeting performance and availability objectives

Compelling Economics

  • Modernize while maximizing the value from existing equipment without having to rip and replace perfectly good assets
  • Save costs by transparently relocating inactive data and replicas on lower cost object-based storage
  • Defer buying more premium storage by uncluttering it and fully dedicating its capacity and resources for the active data
  • Avoid consuming costly space and bandwidth by performing functions at the file level rather than at the volume level

vFilO Savings Calculator

DataCore vFilO can help you significantly lower storage TCO and improve ROI. Use this simple tool and find out how much money you can save on your file and object storage investments.

1. File Reorganization

File Reorganization

$50 $250
20 hours
1 hour 60 hours
2. Impact on Cost of Data

Impact on Cost of Data

100 TB
10 TB 5000 TB
$100 $10,000
$25 $5,000
0% 100%

3-year Savings Estimate


Total combined savings of productivity and data storage costs over a 3-year period.

The estimated savings values contained herein are provided to you for illustrative purposes only. The actual cost savings due to vFilO will depend on how you use it for storage management in your environment. Savings are calculated to the nearest dollar for simplification purposes.

3-year Savings Estimate $204,000

Get Unprecedented Visibility and Control Over Widely Scattered Data

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Simple, transparent and flexible licensing based on managed capacity in TB and type of data managed by vFilO: active data or inactive/archival data.

  • Active Data for your data managed by vFilO on NAS devices, file servers and shares.
  • Inactive Data for your data stored on S3 cloud storage or on-premises object stores. These infrequently accessed data are deduplicated and compressed.

License includes Premier Support (24×7) and free product updates.

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Pay as You Grow

  • Cost-effective term licensing (annual and multi-year licenses are available)
  • Scale capacity as needed
  • Price per TB goes down as consumption grows
  • Volume discounts on total capacity in use apply
  • Governmental and educational organizations are eligible for additional discounts

Get started with the next-generation distributed file and object storage virtualization