DataCore vFilO Licensing Options

Flexible choices to suit your IT requirements

Simplified Licensing to Match Your Unstructured Data Storage Needs

There are two types of capacity-based licenses for vFilO distributed file and object virtualization. One for active data and another for inactive (archival) data. Both are based on how much capacity in Terabytes (TBs) vFilO is managing:

  • Active Data in regular use is stored on NAS devices, file servers and vFilO storage nodes.
  • Inactive Data is essentially archived on S3-compliant cloud storage or on-premises object storage devices but remains accessible from the single namespace.

The percentage of Active vs Inactive data in each environment naturally varies.

The lower price per TB for Inactive data compared to Active data reflects the difference in their relative value. Inactive data are also de-duplicated and compressed by vFilO to reduce storage consumption, resulting in further cost reductions.

Organizations control what conditions determine whether data is Active or Inactive through high-level vFilO objectives. For example, any video file in the Marketing share that has not been accessed in the last 6-months should be considered Inactive and moved to the cloud. The migration is fully transparent and automated any time a file meets that criteria. The AI- and ML-based data placement logic can be customized by the vFilO administrator(s).

The price per TB goes down as capacity consumption grows, helping you achieve cost savings as you scale.

MSRPs and sliding scale price bands are subject to change without notice.

Please consult a DataCore-authorized partner in your vicinity for pricing on the overall solution. Prices may vary in different geographic regions.

Ultimate Flexibility with Term Licensing

vFilO software is offered as annual and multi-year term-based licenses. Term licensing reduces your CAPEX as you only pay for the time period (number of years) you want to use the product. Of course, that license includes Premier Support (24×7) and free updates. Contact your DataCore-authorized partner for a quote.

License activation is very simple. Just enter the production-use license key in the vFilO web console before the 30-day trial expires. You will be alerted to renew your licenses well before they expire so you can continue using the software without any interruption.

Lower Pricing with Higher Capacity

Let’s take an example where you have a requirement to use vFilO for 250 TB of Active Data and 500 TB of Inactive Data for a one-year term.

The starting price of vFilO for a one-year term license is $345/TB.

As you expand to 250 TB of capacity, the price drops to $190/TB.


As you can see, for both Active and Inactive Data term licenses, the price per TB goes down as capacity consumption increases, making vFilO more economical for your organization as you scale.

*MSRP for the software does not include the cost of the underlying on-premises or cloud storage.

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