Container-Native Storage for DevOps

Streamline application deployment with persistent storage and unlock greater CI/CD efficiencies.
Container Native Storage For Devops
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As DevOps teams are focused on ensuring faster and seamless CI/CD pipelines, it is paramount to address the specific challenges posed by container-based environments. Traditional storage infrastructures, by themselves, are not cut out to meet the data persistence and portability requirements of today’s modern stateful workloads.

Introducing DataCore Bolt – a container-native storage solution which offers a fully automated software-defined approach to storage and data services management for your Kubernetes ecosystem. Deliver NVMe-powered high performance storage services for your containerized apps on-premises and in the cloud.

  • Are your code build and deploy cycles delayed by sluggish storage?
  • How do you ensure data persistence across containers in dev, test, and prod environments?
  • Are you overrunning your budget and expanding capacity continuously to keep up with storage demand?
  • Are you impeded by repetitive manual tasks for capacity provisioning and reclamation?
  • How do you circumvent storage-related outages and failures affecting your applications?

Simplify Kubernetes storage management. Simplify DevOps. Run stateful applications at scale.

Seamlessly Deploy and Run Stateful Applications on Kubernetes

DataCore Bolt is a Kubernetes storage solution that facilitates the deployment and release of production-ready software while enabling enterprise-scale agility expected in a DevOps environment. Eliminate wait time and accelerate code progression to meet your goals of continuous integration, delivery, and deployment.

Harnessing the benefits of NVMe and NVMe-oF, Bolt supports a composable and disaggregated storage architecture that delivers low-latency and enhanced responsiveness for stateful workloads.

  • Performant: Accelerate responsiveness of stateful workloads through low-latency access to NVMe drives
  • Scalable: Easily scale storage capacity based on container lifecycle needs
  • Reliable: Safeguard your data by creating multiple copies using volume replication
  • Flexible: Hardware-agnostic software runs on bare metal or VM; on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Cost-efficient: Reduce operational costs and storage TCO through smart storage orchestration and management
  • Programmable: Integrates easily with CI/CD workflows
    through APIs and CLI

Simply schedule Bolt pods to run on the same worker nodes as the application, drawing capacity from a local disk to create persistent volumes. Those logical volumes will be dynamically provisioned on-demand to stateful workloads and may be replicated to other nodes for added resilience and throughput.

No storage expertise is needed to deploy and manage Bolt: your DevOps engineer/SRE or K8s admin can focus on their core tasks while Bolt provides platform-independent storage services to fulfill the needs of containers.

Storage for DevOps | Container-Native Storage

Why Bolt is the Container Storage of Choice for Your DevOps Environment

Unparalleled Flexibility

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  • Enables you to run stateful apps where you want and how you want – in the data center, cloud, or edge locations
  • Easily integrates with your Kubernetes distributions and toolchain
  • Ensure portability of storage services by removing kernel/OS dependencies

Management Simplicity

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  • Make Dev and Ops easier with software-defined management of data services
  • Automate repetitive tasks and simplify Kubernetes management across DevOps pipelines
  • No specialized storage expertise is required to use Bolt

Trailblazing Performance

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  • Run stateful applications at scale supporting on-demand needs for capacity and performance
  • Fully exploit the raw speed and low latency of NVMe SSDs by minimizing overheads
  • Reduce time-to-market for app development projects

Bolt: A Platform-Independent Storage Controller for Your Kubernetes Ecosystem

The Kubernetes environment encompasses myriad tools and frameworks that serve different purposes. DataCore Bolt acts as the storage abstraction layer residing in the data plane with the goal of delivering persistent storage to stateful applications running on containers.

Irrespective of the storage hardware being used (bare metal, virtual, or cloud), Bolt takes charge as the storage controller for all disaggregated storage and enables uniform high-end data services (pooling, provisioning, volume management, etc.).

Bolt seamlessly snaps into your DevOps ecosystem and works alongside your other tools used for version control, configuration management, CI/CD automation, code repository and artifact management, test automation, monitoring, and so on.

Container-Attached Storage for DevOps | Cloud-Native Storage

High-end data services for containerized applications on Kubernetes

Key Benefits of Container-Native Storage to DevOps Teams

  • Amp up the responsiveness of stateful applications with fast and resilient storage
  • Streamline Kubernetes orchestration for software development
  • Improve CI/CD efficiencies significantly
  • Ensure container persistence across diverse and demanding environments
  • Scale flexibly to meet evolving business needs and SLAs
  • Optimize the DevOps pipeline

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