How to Provide Relief for a Remote Workforce on Congested VPNs

As organizations go remote, they face the aggravation of accessing centrally-stored files over secure VPNs. Despite fast home WiFi connections, VPN congestion at the main corporate site stands out as the number one factor contributing to the sluggish behavior. When central files are distributed over many servers and NAS devices, the congestion problem is compounded. Each failed search chews up more network, compute and storage resources, adding to the team’s frustration.

remote workforce relief during global pandemic

DataCore vFilO software reduces VPN congestion by creating a single, high speed catalog of all those file servers and NAS devices. It will automatically spread the load by redistributing files among the pool of filers. Building the central catalog of existing directories and files takes place within hours of being installed.

DataCore vFilO software helps you use VPNs and file servers more effectively, drastically improving remote workforce productivity.

  • No one needs to know which machine the files reside in​
  • A single search of the corporate share will reveal duplicate files on different machines, so they can be reconciled without confusion​
  • The master catalog is optimized for quick search results without loading the filers or their network connections​
  • All file ownership and permissions remain intact
datacore vfilo cost savings

Putting a Price on Improved Productivity

Intuitively we all recognize how ineffective we become when the remote experience bogs down. Buying back even 30 minutes a day using vFilO can prove financially quite substantial for even a midsize organization. And it goes without saying that the swifter response makes working from home a little more pleasant.

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