Jan 4, 2018 George Teixeira

2018: The Year of Hybrid-Converged

Enterprises are undergoing digital transformation to remain competitive and relevant, and software-defined storage will be the key to that transformation, helping them bridge the gap between complicated legacy infrastructure and modern “invisible” storage infrastructure needs.

Analysts agree with us. IDC forecasts that the software-defined storage market will grow at a rate of 13.5% from 2017-2021, growing to a $16.2B market by the end of the forecast period.  According to Forrester’s Predictions 2018 report, software-defined infrastructure is set to become mainstream in 2018. Forrester further recommended that production workloads should be placed on software-defined storage and compute platforms.

While hyperconverged has been the darling of the software-defined storage market over the last few years (DataCore itself has seen well over 50% growth rates in its hyper-converged solutions over the last year alone), in 2018, the line that separates hyperconvergence and SDS will blur. The two methods will morph into a “hybrid-converged” model that is part of a larger continuum of infrastructure modernization and convergence, and users will be able to easily move among deployment options – from storage virtualization, through converged/server SAN, to hyperconverged, to cloud, to hybrid-converged – all under the control of a unified management plane spanning existing legacy infrastructure and new hybrid-converged infrastructure.

At DataCore, we’ve been watching — and driving! — the evolution of software-defined storage for more than two decades, and we are pleased to see the dawn of a new era of digital transformation. Most important, we are excited to be rolling out our next-generation software-defined and hyperconverged storage solutions in 2018 to support the new and modern hybrid-converged approach to storage.

Stay tuned for our next post on the hybrid cloud…

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