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Why Award-Winning Software-Defined Storage Matters

Digital users expect responsive, reliable and seamless access to data—automatically and from anywhere it’s needed. But—whether you’re a database admin, CIO, CTO or COO—it can be challenging to accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of current software-defined storage (SDS) offerings. Where can you go to get an independent evaluation of SDS products? One helpful resource is to check out third-party industry awards, which provide valuable, vendor-neutral insight to help you plan for the future and make smart buying decisions.

We’re proud to look back at 2017 as a banner year for DataCoreTM, not only with its designation in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant of top SDS providers, but also as the recipient of multiple industry awards which we’ve compiled and shared with you below.

2017 Round-Up for Award-Winning SDS

Take a look at the multiple industry awards that DataCore SANsymphonyTM SDS platform won in 2017, including:

  • Virtualization and Cloud Review Editor’s Choice Award. This marks DataCore’s third consecutive editor’s choice award from the publication.
  • The Storage Project of the Year” at the 2017 SVC Awards in honor of its five-year install at Grundon Recycling, the UK’s largest recycling company.
  • The highest rating for a software-defined storage offering in an independent evaluation by WhatMatrix. In a comparison of nearly 100 rated criteria, DataCore’s new capabilities for meeting the always-on business needs of our customers set us apart to elevate us to the number one software-defined storage offering. The independent, third-party evaluation featured an in-depth technical evaluation of nearly 20 offerings in the SDS/HCI market from vendors including Cisco, DataCore, Dell/EMC, HPE, Microsoft, Nutanix and VMware.

Kudos for Our Recent Releases

Why all the kudos? The latest release of SANsymphony SDS provides new features, such as multi-way and metro mirroring functionality to enhance continuous availability and scale-out resiliency, providing self-healing capabilities to enable non-stop business operations and data access. Customers can lose one system and maintain high-performance and high-availability redundancy, or can lose two systems and still continue operations. This translates into significant cost savings by improving application uptime and lowering the time needed to do restores. It also helps businesses stay ahead of the competition by cost-effectively meeting today’s more demanding performance, uptime and data locality requirements.

The set of automated data storage services and unmatched performance in the latest release is driven by Adaptive Parallel I/O technology and enables better business outcomes through software-defined flexibility and freedom of choice. This includes infrastructure-wide management from a single console, and a robust, hardware-agnostic solution that can be deployed in multiple different configurations to best serve customer use cases (hyperconverged, hybrid-converged, cloud, converged server SAN and storage virtualization). Check out this video if you want to do a deeper dive into the latest Parallel I/O technology.

DataCore Cloud Replication as part of this latest release uses Microsoft Azure as a remote replication location to safeguard your highly available data center. This service lets you quickly roll out a secure remote replication site while providing unified storage management between your on-premises infrastructure and Azure. On-premises DataCore software-defined storage solutions give you the ability to consolidate and unify a diverse mix of storage brands and models or to use modern storage deployments, such as hyperconverged infrastructures. With the pre-installed DataCore instance available on the Azure Marketplace, DataCore Cloud Replication allows you to replicate from any physical location to Azure. This capability eliminates the complexity and cost of implementation and management associated with using a piecemeal, vendor-by-vendor approach. The benefit of this helps you ensure mission-critical availability of functions and organization as well as the technology infrastructure in multiple sites and locations.

Some other game-changing benefits from our Cloud Replication and recently released technology include:

  • Container management (such as Docker) to improve resource utilization, app scalability, availability, and portability of existing apps while saving costs
  • Data resiliency that lets you optimally utilize current and new infrastructure investments to do more
  • REST API automation (using Kubernetes) for enterprise collaboration maximizing the quality and velocity at which innovation is delivered

Onward to 2018 and Beyond

These awards highlight that there is a more open, flexible and cost-effective approach to managing your storage data service while leveraging your existing on-premises infrastructure investment.

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