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Data Care with DataCore

Focus on your business success, while we help you by caring for your data and managing its storage and safekeeping.

Data Care with DataCore

We all care for what’s most precious to us. In a business context, data is considered the digital currency in today’s information-centric world. Organizations need to care for it, protect it, manage it, access it easily on-demand, and preserve it for future use. This is easier said than done. With evolving business needs, unpredictable infrastructure behavior, looming outages and security threats, it’s hard to maintain service levels, let alone care for your data.

DataCore Care Icon20+ years of time-tested domain expertise helping customers solve storage-related problems has won us the trust of thousands of brands worldwide across industry verticals. We have proven time and again that businesses can rely on us to keep their data always available, accessible, and protected. Acknowledged by industry analysts, vouched for by our partners, and used contentedly by customers, we are here to care for your data.

Our world-class engineering team continues to innovate with best-of-breed software-defined storage products supporting your traditional on-prem workloads, edge deployments, and cloud-native applications. Whether you have data running on bare metal servers, virtualized infrastructure, in containers, or in the cloud, you can rest assured that our support team has you well covered. We let you focus on more important IT initiatives by simplifying and automating storage services.

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Our Data Care Secret Sauce: Hardware-Agnostic Software-Defined Storage

DataCore pioneered storage virtualization for SAN environments a long time ago. Since then, we have advanced our software-defined storage technology to support your evolving IT infrastructure needs of today and tomorrow.

By abstracting all the software-based storage services from the underlying hardware, software-defined storage can easily simplify how storage is managed – from pooling capacity across diverse devices, to provisioning on-demand; from executing uniform data services across heterogeneous storage gear to applying custom protection policies. DataCore lets you cut down repetitive manual storage tasks and instead rely on hardware-agnostic, automated data services to improve operational efficiency, data availability, and performance.

Software-Defined Storage Solutions | DataCore

How We Care: Solving Your Most Pressing IT/Storage Challenges

DataCore offers cutting-edge software-defined storage solutions to address your critical IT initiatives.

  • Are you trying to reduce storage downtime and institute recovery mechanisms to meet your BC-DR objectives?
  • Are you struggling to modernize your storage infrastructure, refresh hardware, and integrate new technologies without suffering downtime and painful data migrations between incompatible devices?
  • Are you looking for cost-effective hyperconverged storage options that can you use to achieve high availability for your applications?
  • Are you able to protect your data from ransomware and other security threats?
  • Would you like to offload your fast-filling NAS devices and move all the infrequently accessed data to more economical active archive?
  • If you are running cloud-native stateful applications on Kubernetes, are you able to provide persistent high-performance container-native storage services?

DataCore delivers the flexibility to adapt and modernize your data center without being locked into a particular hardware vendor or technology. Adopt new technologies alongside existing equipment to maximize their collective value – and do so without delay or disruption to business services.

DataCore’s purpose-built software-defined storage products allow businesses to overcome key IT challenges saving the IT organization time, effort, and money which can be better invested in new IT initiatives and higher priority tasks. By letting DataCore care for your data, you benefit from improved business outcomes, higher ROI, and lower storage TCO.

software-defined storage improves ROI and business outcomes

While “DATA” is “CORE” to our name (DATACORE), “DATA CARE” is part of our DNA and how we do things. We care for our customers; we care for your data; and we care that enterprise, service providers, and the IT community at large benefit from our solutions. Contact us today and talk to our experts on how our software-defined storage solutions can help you.

Data Care in the Real World:
Customer Success Stories

100% Available Over the Last 10 Years

“Because of the built-in mirror function our DataCore Storage Cluster has an 100% availability quote over the last ten years. You can update, migrate, power off one server and the other one goes seamlessly active.”

Rog Fed
Technical Services Manager (Enterprise Systems)
Maimonides Medical Center

Powering Mission-Critical Applications
for the City of Carmel

“DataCore works extremely well from a high availability standpoint and allows for proactive and reactive failures—while still providing high performance. If one site goes down, the city can still function, and end users don’t even know there is a problem. With DataCore, we can always stay up.”

Rebecca Chike
Systems Supervisor
City of Carmel

High Availability and
Performance for NASA’s Rocket Testing

“DataCore is definitely one of the main reasons our mission-critical apps run faster; the SANsymphony caching, and performance acceleration capabilities play a vital role. Moreover, DataCore makes great use of the SSDs to further boost performance.”

Lamar Nicholson
Storage and Virtual Environment Architect


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