DataCore 2018 Predictions in a Nutshell

Earlier this year, we published a series of blog posts that examined the top IT trends we predicted for the 2018. Here, we present a summary of those predictions as we continue to move forward on capitalizing on them in the months ahead.

1. 2018: The Year of Hybrid-Converged 

In this blog post, we posit that the line that separates hyperconvergence and software-defined storage will continue to blur, as the two methods morph into a “hybrid-converged” model that is part of a larger continuum of infrastructure modernization and convergence.

2. It’s a Hybrid Cloud World

Here we predict a large uptick in hybrid cloud technologies – those that combine public cloud with private IT infrastructure – as enterprises come to appreciate the ease of access to business-critical data and the applications that they enable.

3. A More Practical Approach to Digital Transformation

In this post, we take on the dreaded “digital transformation” to offer a smarter, software-defined approach to it that avoids the “rip and replace” hardware-minded models of the past to better support digital transformation by making the infrastructure more invisible to the applications and users.

4. Optimizing Systems of Record Can Help Digital Transformation 

Expounding on the theme of digital transformation, this post addresses the role of systems of record in the process, and explores the software technologies that can help by providing optimization of various systems of records.

The one constant concept in all these blogs is software-defined. Software-defined architecture is the essential bridge, not only across deployment model alternatives, but also between on-premises and cloud infrastructures. Next-generation software-defined storage with its emphasis on analytics, automation and low-latency performance to support data anywhere models is critical to getting complexity under control and breaking the chains to allow greater freedom of mobility from private clouds, to multi-site clouds and the public cloud. 2018 will be a key year for software-defined storage as it evolves to meet the needs of today’s ever more complex enterprises.

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