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DataCore: The Right Fit for the Software-Defined Data Center

As part of its recent “2018 Data Center 100” feature, CRN identified DataCore as one of the top software-defined data center providers. This post will expand on why our technology is the right fit for today’s software-defined data center.

CRN noted that the software-de­fined data center is the next evolution for infrastructure/automation, and promises lower costs, greater agility and increased scalability.

At DataCore, we have seen that the software defined data center is evolving in large part due to the need to modernize as a result of digital transformation initiatives. We believe that a software-defined storage infrastructure is the vehicle to modernization and the unification of old and new technologies. Our software-defined storage solutions help customers achieve their digital transformation goals by enabling them to easily incorporate high-speed, cloud-based compute, storage and networking resources while leveraging existing infrastructure.

As businesses worldwide are looking to meet digital initiatives and transform their data center, many are looking for a future-proof way of moving from siloed IT solutions toward an integrated technology model. This becomes possible only with a software-defined storage infrastructure. By optimizing the user’s legacy environment for maximum performance and IT investment protection, DataCore can migrate seamlessly and future proof the environment.

At DataCore, we pioneered the concept of software-defined storage — abstracting and automating the data services and management of underlying storage capacity to free customers from vendor lock-in, and to deliver unrivaled performance and data protection at a fraction of the cost of comparable alternatives. Our patented technology eliminates storage bottlenecks with adaptive parallel I/O optimization, enables zero-downtime synchronous mirroring, and provides a true hardware-agnostic architecture, delivering dramatic performance improvements, highly available data and maximum efficiency.

When you consider the fact that 80% of today’s IT budgets are typically spent on maintaining existing infrastructure while only 20% is spent on innovation, DataCore’s value proposition becomes increasingly important. Innovation is what creates competitive advantage for a business – now more than ever. DataCore enables enterprises to free up their storage maintenance dollars to be applied to innovation.

As a result, our software-defined solutions are empowering IT organizations to achieve always available, high-performance and highly efficient data systems–making DataCore Software the cornerstone of tomorrow’s software-defined data center.

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