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Decades of Innovation Helping You Utilize Your Data and Go Beyond Object Storage

Software-defined storage visionaries DataCore and Caringo join forces to offer block, file and object storage and unify the storage industry

This week DataCore announced the acquisition of Caringo resulting in the combining of our people, products, and passion for storage and data management. When both companies were founded, DataCore in 1998 and Caringo in 2005, storage, data management and the world were very different. Storage was monolithic, storage software was tied to hardware and data was often trapped in specific applications. Both DataCore and Caringo’s visions were to change this paradigm by leveraging commodity hardware and virtualizing layers of the technology stack, essentially data virtualization. This approach made it easier for our customers to continue to utilize their data even though applications and underlying hardware continued to change.

Developing a software-defined foundation with the pillars of block, file, and object storage

There is a reason that different storage architectures are needed. From a very high level and simplified viewpoint, block is optimized for rapid IO to efficiently run high transaction systems, file is optimized for network access and file sharing for collaboration, and object is optimized for distributed access and content delivery for long-term use and retention.

sds foundation with block file and object storage

Throughout the data lifecycle there’s a need for each one of these architectures. DataCore started with a focus on block and expanded into file, while Caringo focused on object and expanded into file. What the combined product suite immediately delivers to customers is a simplified transition between each architecture and sets the foundation for innovation to solve rapidly evolving data storage, access, and management issues.

Swarm Simplifies Long Term Retention, Distributed Data and Remote Workloads

Let’s take a few minutes getting to know Swarm. Swarm is:

  • the storage foundation for some of the world’s most popular video on-demand services
  • used for one of the largest medical image repositories in the world
  • deployed in highly secure deployments for various federal governments
  • used for distributed data access for global research organizations

screenshot of swarm object-based data storage

Swarm is all these things and so much more, with many additional integral uses across various industries. What all of these use cases have in common is the need to enable continued, easy-to-manage, cost effective access to rapidly growing data sets for various applications and users regardless of their location.

swarm lowers tco, eliminates risk and improves productivity

Swarm Goes Beyond Object Storage

In addition to the standard infrastructure management features available in most object storage solutions Swarm is designed to:

  • Eliminate complexity and streamline deployment through highly efficient software that runs on any mix of commodity hardware
  • Meet any unstructured data workload with scalable performance through a symmetric architecture that is self-healing and self-managing
  • Ensure data availability by combining policy-based protection with rapid, proactive rebuild and recovery
  • Provide instant access to content through a web portal for administrators and end users that includes search and the ability to customize metadata
  • Easily enable distributed workflows with robust web-based multi-tenant management, integrated data replication and Backup/DR to any S3 enabled service or device

swarm goes beyond object storage

Decades of Innovation Applied to Help You Adapt

As the philosopher Heraclitus said, “change is the only constant”. As IT professionals you are handed the almost impossible task of predicting the future. You need to select products that satisfy your requirements today and also those that will meet your needs of tomorrow (even though you may not know what they are). The combination of DataCore and Caringo will lead to more rapid innovation so that you can manage your constantly evolving data storage, access and management needs now and into the foreseeable future.

To learn more about the union of these two industry innovators read the press release.

datacore caringo acquisition

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