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Life Insurance for Your Data: It’s High Time You Get It

Be Better Prepared for the Unexpected: Sidestep Failures, Mitigate Risks, Minimize or Prevent Data Loss
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Insurance has become the norm in today’s world – from health to property, and we try to be pre-emptive and insure the things we value the most. Since data is considered the most valuable asset to an organization, it is prudent to insure data with maximum possible coverage. Let’s see how the technology of software-defined storage can provide the insurance your data needs.

Like anything else in life, the IT infrastructure, too, is susceptible to uncertainty – from hardware failures, malfunctions, human errors, security threats, and outages, there is a lot that can get in the way of data availability and accessibility for your mission-critical applications. In the context of data, insurance defines how quickly you are able to recover data and restore operations in the event of a disruption keeping data loss to a minimum; and going a step further, avoiding any business/operational interruptions and data loss by circumventing the disruptive event altogether.

Business Continuity Planning | Disaster Recovery

No organization is immune to failures or outages; and when one occurs, IT teams will be under enormous pressure to restore operations fast.

Software-Defined Technology Helps Prevent Data Loss

Covering both aspects of proactive prevention and reactive resolution, software-defined technology empowers you store and manage data with confidence by shoring up your business continuity and disaster recovery strategy in the following ways:

  • Constantly replicating data to a nearby location, or remote/DR site. enabling you to failover in the event of failure or disruption affecting the primary data storage. RPO and RTO factors vary based on what replication technique is used and where the redundant data is stored. While localized synchronous mirroring ensures zero RPO and RTO, asynchronous replication over long distances typically has longer RPO and RTO
  • Creating point-in-time copies of critical datasets via periodic backups, snapshots, and more recent updates via Continuous Data Protection (CDP), for restoring the last-known good state of data before the undesired state happened. RPO and RTO depend on the time difference between when the backup or snapshot was taken and the time of the incident.

    Mission-Critical Data Has No Time for Downtime!

    SolutionsiconFor block, file, and object storage environments, DataCore provides industry-leading solutions for data protection, operational resiliency, and rapid recovery and response. Whether you are managing data on bare metal servers, virtualized infrastructures, or containerized environments, DataCore delivers a holistic approach spanning various techniques to circumvent outages, ensure data availability and recoverability, and meet compliance objectives.

    DataCore SANsymphony is a software-defined storage solution purpose-built for your tier 1 applications and databases running on SAN and HCI environments. Benefit from the three lines of defense that SANsymphony delivers to reinforce your BC/DR planning and execution and ensure uninterrupted data access.

    3 Lines of Defense to Prevent Data Loss

    Remember, both your BC and DR plans need to work together to mitigate the business impact of a potential disaster or disruption. Leverage the full extent of SANsymphony’s capabilities to:

  • Protect your business applications and data
  • Ensure data availability and continuous accessibility
  • Improve business resilience and preparedness for incident response
  • Recover fast from outages and data loss due to security attacks, bit rot, human errors, etc.

Software-defined storage is not to be confused with data breach and cyber liability insurance, which are useful schemes from business insurance companies to indemnify losses arising from cyber-attacks and data breaches. Software-defined storage complements your existing BC/DR strategy and provides the technological means minimize or prevent data loss.

The best time to buy a life or health insurance is always ‘now’. The same goes for safeguarding your data. Get started right away and prepare for the unexpected challenges of tomorrow. Contact DataCore and talk to our BC/DR and storage experts.

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