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The Top Five of 2017

Earlier this month, we took a look back at our top five blogs, whitepapers and webinars of 2017 as we embarked on 2018 as a time to strategize and outline business plans for the year ahead. We got such a great response to the series that we wanted to put all of the resources in one place for our readers – enjoy!

The Top Blogs of 2017

1. 2017 Annual Software-Defined Storage, Hyperconverged and Cloud Storage Market Survey
A look at DataCore’s sixth annual survey, which explored the impact of major software-driven storage deployments across the globe. IT professionals shared their insights about how they are solving their most critical software-defined storage, hyperconverged and cloud storage-related challenges.

2. Comparing the Leading Software-Defined Storage and Hyperconverged Infrastructure Products
DataCore received the highest rating for a software-defined storage offering in an in-depth, independent evaluation by WhatMatrix. Learn more about the rigorous evaluation process and why DataCore rose to the top of the list.

3. Big Day for DataCore: Strategic Partnership with Lenovo to Deliver Turnkey Simple Appliances to Fuel Mainstream Market Adoption of Software-defined Storage
The announcement of the Lenovo Storage DX8200D Powered by DataCore, a fast-to-deploy all-in-one hardware appliance, with everything pre-installed, configured, optimized, and validated. The combined appliance includes multi-core optimizing parallel I/O software that achieved the world’s record for storage performance in terms of response times and best price-performance.

4. Five Ways Your Software-Defined Storage Platform Just Got Better
Exciting new features contained in the new PSP7 release of the SANsymphony software-defined storage and Hyperconverged Virtual SAN Software.

5. Storage Virtualization: 5 Ways to Improve IT Operations Through Digital Transformation
An effective digital strategy requires a three-pronged approach: optimizing the customer experience, improving operational processes, and uncovering new and profitable business models. This blog looks at ways to digitally transform operations by creating a high-performance, cost-effective hyperconverged infrastructure.

The Top Whitepapers of 2017

1. Deploying Mission-Critical Business Workloads on Hyperconverged Infrastructure with DataCore Parallel I/O Technology

IDC report detailing the limitations of hyperconverged and how you can get more.

2. Virtual SAN: A Deep Dive into Converged Storage
DataCore Hyperconverged Virtual SAN introduces the next evolution in software-defined storage by creating high-performance and highly-available shared storage pools using the disks and flash storage in your servers.

3. Dynamic Hyperconverged Infrastructure – Future-Proof Your Data Center
A simplified, more flexible, expandable data center is a big part of what hyperconverged infrastructure promises. But not all products are created equal.

4. Waiting on I/O: The Straw That Broke Virtualization’s Back
Highlights DataCore’s underlying parallel architecture, how it evolved over the years and how it results in a markedly different way to address the craving for IOPS in a software-defined world.

5. How Software-Defined Storage Enhances Hyperconverged Solutions
One of the fundamental requirements for virtualizing applications is shared storage. However, SANs typically run into issues in a virtual environment, so organizations are currently looking for new options.

The Top Webinars of 2017

1. SQL Server Parallelism: Putting all those Cores to Work
Learn new ways SQL Server can leverage idle cores to improve the responsiveness of highly concurrent, I/O-intensive OLTP workloads.

2.  Top Trends You Need to Know: Hyperconverged, SDS, Flash, and Cloud Storage
Why software-defined storage, flash, hyperconverged and cloud storage are or aren’t being utilized by companies and the areas where they have not lived up to their promises.

3. Parallel Computing meets Parallel I/O
Many responsible for large scale OLTP systems confront clashing phenomena: data comes at increasingly higher rates and the time required to process and analyze those inputs is rapidly shrinking. Instinctively, we respond with two approaches: first we search for hardware and software that speed up the process; then, we try breaking up the problem into smaller parallel efforts.

4. A Case Study on Improving SQL Server Performance 20x with Hyperconverged
Emergency Communications of Southern Oregon found that it was not only able to improve SQL Server performance (by 20x!) with hyperconverged, they were also able to improve their availability and reduce costs to boot.

5. A Head-to-Head Comparison of the Top-rated Products in HCI & SDS
With all the vendors and products in the HCI and SDS areas, how do you pick the “right” ones to evaluate? In this webinar, we evaluate the top products in the HCI and SDS categories using analysis from WhatMatrix.

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