Technical Overview

SANsymphony™ Software-Defined Storage

How It Works

Stress-free scaling in or out

SANsymphony pools the collective resources of storage devices, both local and shared, and manages them centrally with a common set of enterprise-wide services, despite incompatibilities among manufacturers and models.

List of Features

Technical Information


Compatibility with the other software & hardware elements of your environment.


Minimum hardware requirements, software requirements, and license activation requirements.

Technical Specs

Technical specifications and a detailed look at product capabilities.


Complete online documentation of DataCore SANsymphony software.

Deployment Options

storage virtualization diagram

Storage Virtualization

Abstracts traditional SAN architecture. Extends the life and value of existing SAN devices.

hyperconverged infrastructure diagram


Pools direct-attached storage devices. Creates highly dense and very economical shared storage.

hybrid-converged diagram


Abstracts both SAN and local devices. Provides the greatest flexibility and most value.

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